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  • 120 years anniversary


Celebrating 120 years of sustainable craftsmanship

Since 1899 we at Stenströms have paired timeless design with the highest level of quality craftsmanship. Over time this has proven to be a highly desirable union, creating demand across oceans and continents. Our philosophy not only instills a unique feeling in the wearer of our clothes, it also stands for more sustainable consumption habits. Good news for the next 120 years.

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A history of uncompromising quality

Our story began in 1899 when the Swedish tailor August Stenström found himself overwhelmed with orders. His reputation as an outstanding shirt fashioner had spread in town. All the elegantly dressed men in Helsingborg wanted one of his masterpieces, and Stenström found it hard to keep up. To meet the needs of his sophisticated clients, he decided to build a shirt factory. Under Stenströms’ strict supervision, a larger number of quality shirts could now be produced...Read more.

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