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Style editor celebrates 120 years of style and craftsmanship

Style editor and author Per Nilsson has acknowledged Stenströms 120 years of style and craftsmanship by designing his own dream white shirt together with our very own designer Peter Jüriado.

"The white shirt is a garment that is both timeless and stylish,” says Per “A clear staple part of the wardrobe, It is one of my absolute favourite things to wear, which made the assignment from Stenströms so much fun for me to do.”

“It may sound like cliché, but a well-fitted and well-ironed white shirt is the safest, smartest and most elegant way for us men to dress no matter what the age. My eldest son for example often borrows my shirts, which I only see as a plus and supports that ageless element," adds Per.

To accomplish the desired result in the design process, Per chose to focus on a few favorite details within the shirt:
"Style is all about a number of small details that come together to create something whole that, if the details are right, should shine bright,” Per continues.

"The quality I’ve chosen is a durable two-fold, pin-point Oxford that with its micro-structured surface gives a beautiful impression close up. The collar is soft and comfortable to wear, It goes through 25 different operations in the manufacturing process and the buttons are made of Australian-cultured mother-of-pearl, which are produced in Italy,” he adds.

"My favourite white shirt works well with a suit and tie, just as much as it does with jeans or chinos. Work, party or leisure; the choice is yours.. coincidentally, for my sons part, it’s mostly for parties,” Per concludes.

Like father, like son...

We want to give our sons the very best, just like daddy. In conjunction with the 120 year anniversary we have created a boy’s shirt in our very own quality twofold superior twill, a quality especially made for our shirts. The boy’s shirt has a classic timeless deign and mother of pearl buttons.View the whole Children’s anniversary collection

The Party Shirt

In addition to his perfect white shirt, Per has also co-designed this year's party ‘Ruffle' shirt. The white shirt, which carries ruffles along the hidden button panel is presented with a classic collar and French cuffs.
The ‘Ruffle’ shirt is perfect to be worn with a tuxedo or dark suit, or, for the slightly less conventional of us, why not pair with a velvet jacket?
It’s also important not to forget the bow-tie and cufflinks. If you’re really the daring type, why not roll-up those sleeves and wear the shirt with jeans and sneakers after work. The shirt is available in model Slimline. It's tailored but not too tight, designed for the man who wants a modern, neat fit. Read more about our different shirt models.

Don't forget the accessories

View the anniversary collection

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