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  • A greeting from Stenströms

A greeting from Stenströms

Dear customer!

My name is Fredrik Strandberg and I am the CEO of Stenströms Skjortfabrik in Helsingborg. Because of the impact that the new Corona virus has on our society as a whole, I want to share the information I have and tell you what we have taken for measures to continue to design, produce and deliver our fine collections to you.

In recent weeks we have been in daily contact with our European subcontractors and factories. The majority of our fabrics, buttons and yarns are produced in Italy that has been hit extremely hard by the virus outbreak. We have therefore taken several precautionary measures and collected all raw material from our suppliers and sent it to our production facilities in the Baltics to minimize the risk of infection and to ensure that we can keep production going.

The last few days have been turbulent, and nobody can say for certain what the consequences will be. We are very grateful for the unique position we have in the market. Stenströms has been active for more than 120 years and it is a journey we made together with all employees, all stores and with you who have chosen to wear our products. We are both proud and grateful!

We have great respect for the fact that this affects us all in the short term and that most people currently prioritize things other than shopping for clothes. However, we know for sure that after a turbulent period, the world and daily life will be normalized and stabilized again. Everything may not be as it has been, but if we help each other and take care of each other it will for sure be good.

Right now, we are putting all our focus on ensuring that all our employees are doing well, doing everything possible to support our suppliers who have been hit hard by the virus's progress and that all the fine stores that supply our products receive the best service and pep that you can get.

With Stenströms long history, our company has survived two world wars, depression and further global crises. Over the years, we have learned to work long-term and when times are troubling to help and support each other more than usual. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope to see you soon!

Yours sincerely

Fredrik Strandberg
CEO, AB Stenströms Skjortfabrik

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