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Made to Measure

 Design your own Stenströms shirt

At Stenströms we never compromise on quality when it comes to fabrics, cutting and sewing. Quite simply, we want to give you the best. With our Made to Measure concept we give you the opportunity to create your own Stenströms shirt according to your personal measurements and preferences. Visit one of our retailers and choose from a huge selection of fabrics, colours, collars and cuffs. If you wish, the sales staff will save your measurements for future reference, so that you can easily order a new Made to Measure Stenströms shirt at your convenience.

Why a Made to Measure shirt?

The primary reason to get a Made to Measure shirt is for the fit. It is perfect for just your body. Even if a ready-made shirt can fit you well, there are subtle, yet important, details that can make a difference. It may fit well, but not perfectly. Perhaps the sleeves should be a bit longer, the waist slimmer and the collar a different size in relation to the size of the shirt body? The Made to Measure shirt is unique, just for you. A ready-made shirt can look good from a certain angle, but a made-to-measure shirt will look and feel good in motion as well, since it follows your body.

Unique details in a tailored shirt

But fit isn’t the only a reason for ordering a Made to Measure shirt; unique details are important as well. When you order a Made to Measure shirt, you have the opportunity to decide exactly how you want your shirt to look. If you are buying a ready-made shirt, your selection is limited to the store’s range. But if you visit our retailers, you can decide just how you want the shirt to look. Fit, small details such as the thread or buttons, patterned or plain, special cuffs, button-down or a cutaway collar? Your shirt is highly personal.

You decide

The first things you should decide are what fabric you want, whether you want it plain or patterned and if you want a contrast in the collar and cuff. We have many fabrics to choose from and new patterns are added every season. If you want the best of the best, why not select one of the silky Sea Island fabrics? You should also choose the style of the shirt; do you want Superslim, Slimline, Fitted Body or Classic. Finally, you choose exactly the collar and cuffs you want. You can also have your monogram embroidered in the colour of your choice.

What you can expect from our Made to Measure shirts

Visit one of our retailers, whose well-trained, expert sales staff will be with you every step of the way to help you create the perfect and personal shirt. They will take your measurements, make note of all your preferences and place the order, and our factory in Estonia will cut and craft your shirt. Delivery takes about four weeks. You can choose from our superior fine fabrics, thread, buttons, contrasting details, which front you want, cuffs, the perfect collar and, for an even more personal touch, a monogram. The possibilities are limitless. For professional or formal occasions, a Made to Measure shirt from Stenströms is a great investment. Where can I get a Made to Measure shirt? Go to our Store locator to find the store nearest you. They will take your measurements and present all the options for your shirt. You can’t order a Made to Measure shirt on our website, but you can find all the inspiration you need to create your own personal style.
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