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Doing Good

We at Stenströms believe it is important to give back. The more people we are who work towards a sustainable future the better. We want to make a difference for necessitous and the environment.  We’re supporting organizations that have a big engagement in social and environmental questions. Below you can read more about the organizations that we continuously work with. 

Style it forward

We contribute to changing the world with style! Stenströms sponsors Style it Forward, an annually held event organized by the Hunger Project. Focusing on women and girls, the organization aims to eliminate hunger and poverty across the world. Hunger is a more complex problem than just food, and The Hunger Project's work involves creating long-term and sustainable strategies within human rights, equality and education. This year, Style it Forward is held at Berns in Stockholm and the proceeds go in full to the Hunger Project's work with empowering women in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Find out more about Style it forward and the Hunger Project at


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Ågrenska Foundation

Estonia is close at heart for us, because the factory that we own is located nearby. We bought the factory in 1993, and we have developed it to be a very modern establishment where most of our shirts are made. Ågrenska Foundation in Estonia is an organization that helps children with disabilities. In 2000 Stenströms bought a property in Tammistu, about 15 km north-east of Tartu, and in 2003 we donated the property to Ågrenska Foundation. Stenströms has for several years funded part of the renovation of the property  that is now a center for children with disabilities. Read more about the foundation and the work that they do here.




The Rhinos are coming!!!

The Rhinos are coming!!! is an organization which helps to rescue the endangered rhinos. Poaching driven by organized crime is a major problem in South Africa and loads of money is needed annually to protect the animals. In order to prevent the poaching and to raise awareness of the problem, the organization drives an art project in which companies sponsor rhinos made of fiberglass that are designed and painted by artists. Stenströms supports the initiative and has made a rhino in collaboration with the local artist Leila Fanner. Find out more information about the organization and their work here.

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Starting Chance

Starting Chance is a non-profit Public Benefit organization focusing on Early Childhood Development (ECD) in South Africa. Through a number of actions, the organization helps making a better future for children and their families living in poverty. 40% of all children living in the Western Cape province do not have access to preschool facilities. Starting Chance has since the organization was founded, started several preschools in the township of Mfuleni in Cape Town.

Since 2006 Stenströms has clients and collaborative projects in South Africa, and a few years ago contact was established with the founders of Starting Chance; Ian and Ali Corbett. Stenströms has supported Starting Chance in their work financially and has also collaborated with different associations in Sweden. Among other things, we have contributed with material for the sewing of quilts and mattress covers that were handed over to the schools during our last visit. Find out more about the organization and their work here.

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