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This week we are celebrating Midsommar in Sweden. Midsommar is celebrated by raising a maypole and singing and dancing around it. Family and friends are gathered to eat and drink together and celebrating the beginning of summer. It is also believed that if a girl picks seven different flowers, put them under her pillow the day before midsummer, she will dream about her future husband.

The Midsommar celebration is sprung from both the Middle ages and pagan rituals, that has to do with Freyja and Freyer which has a phallic symbol, and during the Viking age there were rituals centered around this, to better the fertility and making a richer harvest.

During Midsommar many dress in white or other light colors, and put flowers in their hair. So, if you want to dress like a Swede during Midsommar, these below are good options.

White shirts

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