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Complementary Colors

When you’re wearing black, white, blue or another neutral color, accessories that stands out a bit can make a whole outfit. To accessorize with a color is a playful way of making something new of your outfit.  If you’re wearing a colorful outfit, though, make sure your accessories don’t clash. The scale of your accessories is important as well. When you’re wearing patterns, simple accessories are the best option. Accessories and jewelry that are too busy could make prints look messy. In the picture we have matched a light blue checkered shirt to a dark red tie with flowers. Because the pattern of the shirt is faded, and because it is a classic pattern it goes excellent with a tie in an also classic pattern.

The history of the tie

The tie's origin is somewhat controversial, but it is believed that it originates from the garment Cravat, which was worn by Croatian and Ottoman soldiers in the 17th century. The French King Louis XIV saw these Cravats and became very fond of them. He began to wear them in colorful colors, and even his guards wore them. At this time France was the country to look at for fashion, so the Cravat trend naturally spread to England, where the accessory was developed and slightly changed. Some of the fine English gentlemen already wore neck embellishments, but the Cravat was seen as more elegant, and quickly became a favorite with the upper class in England.

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