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How to wear Button Down at work

We think the button down shirt is a perfect style for work. It can be both smart, casual and stylish. At work we like to wear it under a soft knit, and with a tie. The tie adds that extra sharpness, without being too formal. It is a fashionable shirt that looks cool with a pair of jeans, sneakers and an unconstructed blazer. If you wear it for a dinner party or a more formal occasion, you should definitely wear it with a blazer to make your outfit smarter.

One of the most important aspects when putting your outfit together is to think about the colors. Which colors do you want to work with? Make sure to make it cohesive, but the look should not be too thought off. In the picture we have matched the tie well to the knitted half-zip merino wool sweater for a harmonic and put-together look.

The story of the button down shirt

In 1869 the story of the button down shirt begins. It was in England when the polo players found that the collars would flap when they were on their horses. They felt it was very irritating and distracting when they were playing, so they sewed on buttons on their collars, so that the collar would be hold down during matches. 

The man who apparently made the button down shirt fashionable was John E. Brooks, of Brooks Brothers. After a trip to England where he had seen a polo match, he went back to the US and immediately started manufacturing shirts with button down collars, and offering them to his costumers – but at that point it was known as the polo collar shirts.

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