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The checkered blazer

Our fresh and trendy blazer in checks is the perfect statement piece in your wardrobe. Match it as on the picture with a denim shirt and a knit under, if the weather isn’t sunny. We like matching the blazer with colors that are in the pattern - blue, green and off white. The blazer is a great garment, because it can be worn in so many different ways. Wear it as a jacket during warmer seasons, inside at the office to jeans for a casual look, or to a pair of tailored pants in a lighter color or a dark navy blue. You can adapt it to your own style and make it yours, just as a garment should work.

The history of the blazer

The blazer is a garment that goes way back and has changed through out the years. The two components, who it says has had the biggest influence over the blazer are the Lady Margaret Boat club and the H.M.S Blazer ship. It was in 1825 when St. Johns College in Cambridge England founded the Lady Margaret Boat Club, that all members wore bright red flannel jackets. The red color blazed, so that is why they are called blazers. Queen Victoria visited the Royal Navy and the Commander over the H.M.S Blazer ship showed her the uniforms for the crew, which he had invented. There was a jacket with double breast with Royal Navy buttons, and the Queen absolutely loved it. Gradually the blazer became a well-known term for this type of jacket, and today it is seen as an icon of the male fashion industry.


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