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City Life

We are dreaming of going away for the weekend to a vibrant city – here is what to wear.


City Chic

For a weekend away we want to dress sophisticated and smart. Here are the garments to pack.


Autumn Essentials

Time to update your Autumn uniform to casual shirts and warm knits.


Meet the autumn with Mathias Le Févre

We are very delighted to present our collaboration with Mathias Le Fèvre, who in the interview below talks about his thoughts on Stenström's autumn collection and shows how he styles it. Mathias Le Fèvre is a model and style creator with a great interest in fashion and he describes his style as classic with a twist.


The little black dress

The classic dress every woman should have in her wardrobe. 


The silk blouse

This season wardrobe saviour is here.


Patterned business

Dress classic in a new patterned business shirt for autumn 2021.


Weekend Getaway

Find everything you need for a stylish weekend away here.


The Weekend Getaway 

Here you will find all the items you need for a weekend getaway that is both stylish and comfortable.


The versatile vest

We just love the knitted vest. Wear it to a shirt, a dress, over a turtleneck, yeah you name it.


Stylish denim

Here you have the garments to update your denim and casual shirt wardrobe.


Back to business 

The modern businessman doesn't negotiate with style and comfort. He chooses both. 


Keep it casual

No fuss, just effortless and charming. 


Indigo denim

The color scale of the ocean and the sky – that always gets the job done.


Monochrome winter

Wardrobe essentials with a luxurious feel.


Monochrome winter

Wardrobe essentials with a luxurious feel.


Stylish structures

Enrich your wardrobe with this season's silk blouses


Soft contrasts

Brown, blue, orange and green – soft flannel shirts for the stylish man.


The Milano knit

The perfect knit for a classic style that always works.


What we wear

For a comfortable and stylish look the vest and knits are crucial


British hunting season

Classic British colors, checks and mixing materials.


Classic British

Our favorite autumn shirt is here – the flannel.


Soft neutrals

It is all about harmony.


Beige, sand, taupe & café au lait

We have many names for the things we love. A stylish outfit in different beige shades is all we want.


Neutral luxury

Pliable fabrics, great patterns and neutral colors = a great autumn wardrobe.


Soft luxury

We want to dress in soft colors such as off-white, grey and matt blue.


The customer meeting

Some of us are back to normal, meeting face to face and some are still doing it digital. Nevertheless, what you wear is still vital.


Goodbye vacation, hello office

The vacation is coming to an end and we want a fresh start for the office wardrobe, and we are here to help you.


Autumn leaves

Every year the nature and the colors of the autumn leaves inspire us to bring in some color in our wardrobe


Back to work

The new work-year doesn’t start in January, it starts after the summer vacation, and we want to step into the new work-year with a kick-ass wardrobe


The casual shirt

The new casual shirts for the season are here. A new shirt in a blue micro pattern will for sure be one of your autumn favorites!


The Weekend look

Your casual look for weekends is just as important as the office look. Here we have some great news for you.


Kickstart autumn with the classics

Even if the autumn isn’t here yet we want to update our wardrobe with great staple garments


Lookbook AW20


Plum - how to style it

Learn how to style the most exciting color of the season.


Fashionable in flannel


Dressed for parties

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