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We know that the modern businessman doesn’t negotiate with style and comfort. He chooses both. With a more flexible attitude to the once formal expectancy we see garments such as the checkered shirt along with a cool patterned tie and a modern cardigan working to create a natural style. It’s as simple as that. Where the fashion stakes used to be raised by Wall Street, today we are much more ‘Silicon Valley’ and the new stylistic mojo for men. Autumnal colors which blend from blues through to browns and burnt red prevail.

Extra comfort

We have gotten used to wearing comfortable garments when working from home, so when returning to the office we want to have the same feeling but look proper. The stretch jersey shirt is the solution. These comfortable shirts have elastic fibres that allows you to have the freedom of movement, without compromising your style. Looks great both with or without a tie.

Fall ties

Get your new tie for the season. Forgotten how to tie a tie after months of working from home? Our tie guide will help you freshen up your memory.

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The business shirt

Update your wardrobe with a new shirt suited for business. A checked, plain white, or striped? The choice is yours.

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