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Keep it casual

As times change, the requirement to wear more flexible garments that work for a multitude of occasions becomes all the more prevalent. The soft, relaxed and easy style fix is how we now are looking to dress, where we maintain a level of sophistication in a way that delivers a completely organic aesthetic.

With many of us now working from home, taking small meetings over coffee in town and on to dinner with friends, our work attire has evolved into a more casual look where we play with, and layer various fabrics and team pieces together. An Oxford shirt under the college sweater, partnered with tailored jersey pants works well. No fuss, just effortless and charming. 

About the oxford shirt

The first thing we have to straighten out: The oxford shirt does not origin from Oxford. However, it originates from Scotland and saw it´s days during the 19th century. The Scottish fabric mill had different fabrics that they made, and named them after four famous institutions: Cambridge, Yale, Harvard and Oxford. The first to wear the oxford shirts were the polo players, and that is probably why the oxford shirt often can be associated with the preppy style. 

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