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Meet the autumn with Mathias Le Fèvre

We are very delighted to present our collaboration with Mathias Le Fèvre, who in the interview below talks about his thoughts on Stenström's autumn collection and shows how he styles it. Mathias Le Fèvre is a model and style creator with a great interest in fashion and he describes his style as classic with a twist.

Tell us more about who Mathias Le Févre is, your background, where you find your inspiration and why you like Stenströms.
Growing up in Denmark, I am Scandinavian at heart and so are my values. I appreciate simplicity, quality craftsmanship and salute new ways of thinking. From a very young age I would watch old school movies and get so distracted by observing the beautiful suits that I would not follow the plot. I was drawn to medium of style as a way of expressing myself and with a specific interest in tailoring, I adored studying the rules of Gentleman’s dressing, the creation of fabrics and styling looks with different patterns and tonal pairings. It was also around this time that I first encountered Stenströms, while searching for the perfect linen summer shirt. I recall being very impressed by the quality, the fit and the beautiful mother of pearl buttons.

When did you start with social media and modelling, and what was your motivation for getting started?
So, when moving to London after completing my first marketing studies I naturally started visiting the historic tailoring houses of Savile Row. It was a time when a lot of heritage brands still had not realised the power of social media. I started consulting a handful of tailors and other menswear brands on content- & growth strategies. And I in the meanwhile documented my personal style journey via social media. Fasting forward a couple of years, this passion of mine sprung two careers, a role in front of the camera as a model and style critic and now run a creative content house, producing photoshoots for fashion and lifestyle brands.

Describe your style and a must have in a wardrobe.
I’d say my style is classic with a twist. I mostly wear tailoring, but love experimenting and trying out new styles. The perfect white shirt is an absolute essential in my wardrobe. I like mine perfectly fitted, but not too slim, with a high and deep collar.

Give us your best styling tips for this autumn/winter.

  • Layering, layering, layering. One of my favourite parts of autumn is getting the opportunity to layer up. I like to use a nice cashmere vest or a cardigan under a suit as well as a quilted vest for a more casual look on weekends.
  • Play with textures: A cooler climate allows us to use a whole range of thick fabrics. Try a soft corduroy or flannel and how about stylish tweed?
  • When autumn knocks on the door, protect your neck with a stylish neckerchief or scarf. It will keep you warm and is also a nice way to add an extra bit of colour and texture to your look.

Tell us about your thoughts on the AW21 collection.
Stenströms’ AW21 collection is a beautiful expression of warm autumnal browns, oranges and greens, extended with cold winter blues encapsulated in stripes and bold prints. I’m stunned by the wide range of styles covering you in the board room, at the holiday party, on a fun night out, for a long weekend walk and on a lazy Sunday.

Top 3 favorites from our AW21 collection?

  1. The series of flannel shirts are undoubtedly a favourite of mine with the light oatmeal coloured and musky green being my picks.
  2. Having had the checked quilted wool vest in my wardrobe for a month, it has now become a second skin of mine on weekends and coffee runs when it is too chilly not wear outerwear but too warm for an overcoat.
  3. I have for a couple of years been wanting a retro checked shirt in my wardrobe, but had somehow not pulled the tricker and got myself one. So, I instantly had my eye on the colourful checks and can’t wait to wear them on one of my coming weekends.

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