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The silk blouse

The silk and viscous blouse is a true winner in the wardrobe. Wear it at the office or for a dinner out with friends. There are endless styling opportunities for a great classic blouse. At the office we like wearing it to tailored pants, tucked into a skirt, or with jeans for a casual day. When going out a pair of leather pants with a silk blouse is always a great look. If you are not the leather-pants-kind-of-woman we suggest wearing them to a pair of tailored pants with heels, or maybe a leather skirt.

This season we have a great collection with both plain and patterned blouses. You can find lovely details such as a bow collar, big sleeves, normal shirt models and much more. The question is, which one will be your new wardrobe saviour?

    Do you wonder what silk is?

    Mulberry silk comes from the Bombyx Mori silkworm. The silkworm spins a cocoon, which may produce 500-800 metres of fine, elastic silk thread. The thickness and weight of the finished fabric depends on how many threads are spun together, but characteristics in common are its lustre and drape.


    Do you know viscose?

    Viscose is a material with a natural origin where the raw material is cellulose. Cellulose is extracted from trees such as pine, spruce, bamboo or eucalyptus. Viscose is common in blouses, dresses and skirts as it can be reminiscent to silk in its character. The material gives the garment a nice fall and it is lovely to wear as it is soft and cool. Another advantage of viscose is that it does not wrinkle as much as other materials, and it is durable.
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    The business shirt

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    Dress to impress

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