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The versatile vest

To sleeve or not to sleeve? That is the question. For autumn 2021 the answer is: not to sleeve. This season’s most trendy layering tips is the vest. The plain shirt or a thin knitted turtleneck or crew neck, looks great under a knitted vest. The best thing about a knitted vest is that it looks just as good to a tailored look as it looks to a more casual styling. Perfect when things start to get back to normal and going into the office is an option again. The boxy silhouette both looks great, feel trendy, is comfortable and is perfect for autumn layering.

Autumn floral

Want to put an on-trend twist on the classic plain shirt without sacrificing your typical style? The floral shirt is the answer. This season we want to have shirts and blouses with small discreet flowers that goes well together with our wardrobe. The grey or the dark shirt with flowers are great complements to the white shirt and can be worn to the same things. We love adding great garments to our staple wardrobe!

The cardigan

Find your new autumn cardigan here.

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Shirt up

This is the season for both a floral and a plain shirt for our everyday use.

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