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What we wear

The go-to look for any stylish man in the Autumn is the knitted sweater with a great vest. Wear a comfortable shirt under for that extra finesse. Try out our stretch shirts that follow your every move in a superb way. To keep your knits in a great condition, make sure to comb it with a knitwear comb, that helps you take unwanted pilling away so that you can keep wearing your favorite garments again and again. Use the comb on dry garments, brushing in one direction to gently remove pills.

    Knitted acessories

    Autumn is all about layering to stay warm when it gets cold. Find your new favourite knitted hat or scarf here.

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    Find your new knitted favorite here

    Sweaters, cardigans, vests and hoodies. Good knitwear is something you really can’t have too much of. We have a wide range of knitwear and sweatshirts in different styles.

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