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Dressed for parties

Holiday season is approaching, the time of year when Christmas dinners and parties with colleagues and friends starts directly after work, which could cause some dressing issues. Luckily, we have the solution to this problem. These garments will take you from-desk-to-dinner in no time.

An elegant dress is perfect for work and more formal parties. The silk blouse with the flattering waterfall drape neckline and lustrous buttery surface, both are perfect versatile garments for times when you need an outfit suitable for both work and parties. If you are not a dress-kinda gal we would recommend you to wear a silk blouse and a suit or a skirt and to lose the jacket when its time for dinner. Below you’ll find more of our silk blouses.


The key garment

The perfect silk blouse, it's elegant, chic and versatile, suitable for the office as well as the Christmas party. Silk blouses are warming, and the smooth fabric breathes which makes it very comfortable to wear.

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