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Start 2020 in style

Dress for party – The guide to appropriate NYE attire

New Year’s Eve is approaching and it’s time to start planning what to wear. If there’s a dress code, you should honor it by dressing for the occasion. Learn more about different dress codes and what they mean here. Below you can read our guideline on how to dress for the big night.

Are you planning to attend a formal New Year’s Eve party, you should most definitely wear a tuxedo. The tuxedo shirt is white (or in some cases black) and has French cuffs. The chest is preferably detailed with vertical pleats or a plain front. When it comes to tuxedo shirts there are mainly two types of plackets to choose from. Either the fly front, where the buttons are hidden, or the one with studs. A classic collar or a wing collar are the two most common collars when it comes to tuxedo shirts.

Classic tuxedo shirts:

Mr. Daredevil

For the daring guy who’s into fun elegant details, the ruffle shirt (designed by Swedish style editor and author Per Nilsson) adds detail and takes your outfit to the next level. Read more about the collaboration here. A jacquard fabric adds another subtle element of style that makes the evening shirt more fun.

- The most important thing to remember is; to have fun. Dress for the occasion by following some simple rules. You could pair a velvet jacket with a ruffle shirt and, for the dared, add a pair of tartan pants. It adds an unexpected combination, says Peter Jüriado, Stenströms Head of Design.

Fashion tuxedo shirts: 

No fuzz tux

Even if the pleated classic chest will forever remain its first place in level of elegance, it could in some cases feel like you’re too dressed up for the occasion. Luckily there’s an intermediate that might set your style to the right level. Are you more of a minimalistic kind of guy or does the pleats feel too much for your New Year’s Eves plans? Go for a tuxedo shirt with a plain chest if you prefer a clean look with no fuss and less detail. This way you’ll get a cleaner look.

And now to the accessories

The tuxedo shirt needs its bow-tie. Etiquette dictates that the bow tie should be black or midnight blue. But a black bow-tie works in most occasions.

- A good tip is to match your accessories with the lapels on the jacket. Let’s say you’re wearing a jacket in dark blue, and the upper lapels are black velvet, then a safe choice is to add black details, says head of Design, Peter Jüriado.

A bow-tie that you tie yourself gives a more fashion-conscious impression. In addition of being much more elegant, the self-tied bow-tie is possible to un-knot in the late evening. Just remember not to pair a white bow-tie to a smoking. The white bow-tie is exclusively supposed to be worn with a tailcoat.

Nowadays its common that men prefer wearing a tuxedo without the classic cummerbund. Some think that it feels a bit old-fashioned. The cuff-links though, never gets out of style. Don’t forget to add a nice pair of matching cufflinks if your shirt has French cuffs. The black lacquer shoes are close to mandatory to the tux. Velvet shoes could also be a good addition, especially if your style consists of more velvet details. 

House party

Are you’re going to a house party or dinner with friends that doesn’t require a full tux, or even a specific dress code? For a more casual, but still festive, NYE style you could wear a smoking jacket with a tuxedo shirt to a pair of tailored pants, even jeans. The smoking jacket could be varied in different colors, fabrics and patterns. Velvet and jacquard in a subtle color adds a festive touch.

Pair your white dress shirt with a suit or a pair of tailored pants. For even more casual New Year’s Eves parties, you could possibly wear a checked wool pant to a white or black dress shirt that you layer with a black fine knitted merino cardigan or a velvet blazer. Either way, make sure to match your shoes with your belt and leave the casual shirt at home.

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