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T-shirt mania

The T-shirt season is here! Never before have we had such a great collection of t-shirts. The basic one in cotton, the comfortable one in linen that is perfect for warmer days, and a new addition: the knitted t-shirt. The knitted t-shirt looks great under a blazer, or just as it is. It´s a modern addition to your spring 2021 style! Which one is your favorite?

The history behind the T-shirt

The t-shirt is a true wardrobe staple. Even if it is such a natural part of our style nowadays, the t-shirt itself is quite young. The t-shirt only dates back to the late 19th century. The labourers were so warm in the summers, so they cut their jumpsuits to keep cool. The term “t-shirt” was inducted into the English dictionary in the 1920s’s, and that is thanks to F. Scott Fitzgerald that was the first person to publish the word in his book “This Side of Paradise”.

New Arrivals

Discover the latest collection and this season's must haves.


More T-shirts

Discover more of this season’s casual pieces. Perfect for the home office or weekend hangouts.

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