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Can you mix checks, medallions and stripes all in one outfit? We think so. Here’s how to mix patterns this season.
Keep it simple
The trick to a retain sharp style without looking like you came from a circus is by keeping the color scheme simple. This doesn’t mean your style has to be boring, we think the opposite. It gives you room to elaborate with patterns.
Start planning your outfit by picking a few base colors, like here for example we have combined navy, grey and white as the base. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that. No matter how crazy the patterns go (within reason, of-course); if you stick to a good base, the garments will not stand out – rather melt together to a, hopefully, elegant mix.
We like the combination of stripes, medallions and window pane checks. If you’re most comfortable wearing solid colors, a white shirt is always a safe choice that puts balance into any outfit. With navy, white and grey as a base it’s subtle and stylish, never vulgar. 

Patterned ties

Medallions, florals and graphic patterns. Here are the ties that take your style to the next level.


Striped shirts

Get the style with a striped shirt. Comes in various designs and colors.


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