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The Bandana

The word bandana comes from the Hindi word bandhnu, which means “to tie”. The trendy garment can be traced back to South Asia and the Middle East in the late 17th century. Now, this trend is bigger than it’s been for a long time. Wear it around your neck as a scarf. Our cotton bandanas look best by knotting them with a “heavier” knot. Lay the bandana out and then fold one corner to the opposite, so that it looks like a triangle, then roll it together diagonally, then tie it around your neck and you are done!

The bandana is easy to match, and you instantly look cool and trendy. It was in 2017 in the street style scene during Fashion week when the hashtag #TiedTogether started floating around, and people posted pictures of themselves with a white bandana and the hashtag. The message came form The Business of Fashion saying that it was “a sign to the world that you believe in the common bonds of humankind — regardless of race, sexuality, gender, or religion.”. In the street style now, we see all kinds of colors and prints, matching the bandanas in a cool way to denim, patterned shirts and so on. How will you wear your bandana?


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