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Vacation wardrobe

What should your vacation wardrobe consist of? We have made a list of what we think are the cornerstones of your vacation style, and what you always should pack for a warm holiday. The most important thing to think about while packing is that you pack garments that you really like and that the garments goes well together and works for several occasions.

The polo shirt - The classic garment you can wear to several occasions. A coffee in town, with your swim trunks to the beach, to look at the sunset at the tavern or a walk by the summer house.
Swim trunks – Obvious reasons… Go for a pair that isn’t to long and in a neutral color.
The linen shirt – Is there any better garment than the linen shirt during the summer months? No there isn’t. The linen shirt is both cool and looks great, you can wear it for both the beach as well for the dinner in the evening.
Espadrillos - Lovely casual shoe that works for the beach, a walk in the town and for dinner. Have you seen that we have shirts with an epsadrillos pattern?
Sunglasses – As the cherry on top, a pair of classy sunglasses makes the outfit complete. The pilot model always works, as well as wayfarer.
The knitted sweater – Even if its summer, and it is supposed to be warm it’s good to be prepared. Chilly evenings, rainy days or windy by the coast – the knitted sweater is easy to layer over a shirt. Choose a neutral color so that it matches everything in your summer wardrobe.

Linen shirts


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