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A classic garment - The white shirt

One of the earliest garments of all time was the shirt, but in a slightly different design. Already during the Classical antiquity, the shirt was present, although the appearance looked somewhat different. It was sometime in the late 1800s that the so-called modern shirt appeared. In the past it was mainly men who wore shirts, but the times have of course changed and now it is an obvious garment in everybody's wardrobe, also occurring in the children's wardrobe.

The white shirt is very personal and for some the garment is the obvious everyday savior, while for others the white shirt is for formal occasions. There are endless designs, collars, details, cuffs and materials that can make a classic shirt unique. The white shirt has a very special place in every man's wardrobe. There are times when the white shirt is the norm to wear; not least under certain dress codes (read more about different dress codes). If you want to be on the safe side in shirt-way, the wardrobe should contain four types of the white shirts; a classic regular shirt that fits everyday but also slightly finer occasions, the white shirt with double cuffs, a linen shirt and a classic button-down shirt. Then you are guaranteed to be properly dressed regardless of context, season and occasion!

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