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Why wear black?

The stylish and sophisticated shade, that always saves the wardrobe crisis. Black is known for making you look slender and make you look powerful. Now black is one of the most common colors on clothes, but it has not always been like that. Black was a hard color to dye on silk and other fabrics, because it was hard to get it even. As the dying process became easier, black clothes was still quite expensive to make, which made it a color only richer people could own. It would take a long time before common people could afford buying black clothes.

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A classic look

Black is a color that you can match to anything. The classic architect look with a black turtleneck and black trousers is a style that probably never will go out of style. Any type of garment can look great in black. For an all-black-outfit you ought to play with the fabrics and textures, to make it interesting. Knitted garments to leather or silk is a harmonic combination. The black shirt is stylish to a pair of well-fitted trousers, or night black jeans. No matter how you choose to wear your black clothes, you will be fashionable!

The history of black

Back in the day black was a mourning color, and Queen Victoria wore black for 40 years after her husband died. But black has also been the most common color for wedding dresses. Black started to get into fashion in the 1920’s, with help from Coco Chanel’s “little black dress”. It was King Edward VII of Great Britain who started the trend of wearing the traditional black jacket and trousers, to a white shirt during special events. 


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