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Building a capsule wardrobe

We do not feel that New year’s is the best time for a renewal, but the autumn. After a nice summer and a holiday, you are ready for a new start at work, with new challenges and a new self. The perfect way to start is to build up your capsule wardrobe. It can of course look a little different depending on who you are, but below we have gathered some garments we think should be in everyone's wardrobe, because of their versatility in both style and occasion.

The white shirt

The most iconic and classic garment that exists. Goes just as well to a pair of denim as a pair of tailored pants. Goes with every color and it’s both casual and formal.

The polo shirt

What garment looks better than the polo shirt during warm summer days? None. Wear it to a pair of shorts or a pair of casual pants with rolled up legs, to a pair of espadrilles.

The blue shirt

Just as the white shirt, the blue one is just as classic and right. Goes to basically everything.

The patterned shirt

Even if the capsule wardrobe mostly consists of minimalistic lines, soft colors and classic details the patterned shirt must have a place in your wardrobe. It’s a classic for those times where you want to be a little extra, and not just wear a plain white shirt. Make sure to choose a pattern and color that fits to your style and other clothes.

The knit

A fine knitted sweater to have over your shirt at work, over the shoulders on a summer night or under the blazer, is a must. We like to wear a knit in merino wool or cashmere, because both materials are breathable and can adapt to both the cold and warmth. Choose a color that match the rest of you wardrobe, to get as many uses as possible.

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