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Quality fabrics

Naturally, an important requirement for a quality shirt is the fabric. At Stenströms, we use only fabrics from the leading European manufacturers, most of them woven from the finest Egyptian cotton. In our spring and summer collections you will also find shirts in high-quality linen, and in the autumn we often present collections with beautiful shirts in cotton/cashmere. For our ladies' blouses we also use cotton/Lycra and silk.

At Stenströms we mainly use two-fold cotton in our shirts. Most cotton is created from single yarns, meaning that strands of the cotton staple are spun to make a single thread. This thread is used to weave traditional shirting fabrics. All fabrics we use are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. 

To make a two-fold yarn a long and fine staple yarn is chosen first. The separated yarns from the cotton staples are later spun together again, which creates a fine yarn that has essentially been folded together twice. This is then woven into a shirting which has a smoother and silkier finish. This is called twofold cotton.

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