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Tie guide - Bow Tie

The bowtie is a close relative of the tie, but in contrast to the tie you can see more clearly the predecessor, the scarf. Since 1870, the bowtie has barely changed at all, however, it has lost the status it once had. Before the 1870s, men's neck embellishments consisted of square cloths, which they folded together, and could tie together in many creative ways. The fact that the bowtie has almost disappeared from the men's style is most likely due to the fact that most people don’t know how to tie a bow tie. The few times you see a bowtie on someone is when wearing a tuxedo or at white tie events. There are also already tied bowties you can buy; however, it is not considered as stylish as the once you tie yourself. With the help of the sketch we created, we guide you through how to tie your bowtie.


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