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Offering an addition to your style and protection against the cold weather, our selection of ties, hankies, scarves and hats add detail to your style. Designed with a focus on style, these accessories come in silk, cashmere, wool and other high-quality fabrics and yarns.
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    Navy/Blue Boutonniere
    Navy/Blue Boutonniere35 $
    Ivory Boutonniere
    Ivory Boutonniere35 $
    Micro Patterned Wool/Silk Tie
    Micro Patterned Wool/Silk Tie67 $135 $
    Espadrilles Linen Bandana
    Espadrilles Linen Bandana57 $115 $
    Blue Fish Linen Bandana
    Blue Fish Linen Bandana57 $115 $
    Beige Floral Patterned Silk Hankie, Reversible
    Beige Floral Patterned Silk Hankie, Reversible32 $65 $
    Tour De France Motif Hankie
    Tour De France Motif Hankie32 $65 $
    Bicycling Motif Hankie
    Bicycling Motif Hankie32 $65 $
    Bicycle Motif Silk Hankie
    Bicycle Motif Silk Hankie 32 $65 $
    Graphic Wool Hankie
    Graphic Wool Hankie32 $65 $
    Blue Abstract Patterned Silk Hankie
    Blue Abstract Patterned Silk Hankie32 $65 $
    Blue Kaleidoscope Pattern Silk Hankie
    Blue Kaleidoscope Pattern Silk Hankie32 $65 $
    Abstract Patterned Silk Hankie
    Abstract Patterned Silk Hankie32 $65 $
    Brown/Blue Geometric Patterned Hankie
    Brown/Blue Geometric Patterned Hankie32 $65 $
    Grand Prix Motif Silk Hankie
    Grand Prix Motif Silk Hankie65 $
    Orange Geometric Patterned Hankie
    Orange Geometric Patterned Hankie32 $65 $
    Leaf Motif Hankie
    Leaf Motif Hankie32 $65 $
    Floral Motif Hankie
    Floral Motif Hankie32 $65 $
    Navy Floral Cotton Scarf
    Navy Floral Cotton Scarf 87 $175 $
    Blue Geometric Patterned Hankie
    Blue Geometric Patterned Hankie32 $65 $
    Brown Geometric Patterned Hankie
    Brown Geometric Patterned Hankie32 $65 $
    Multicolor Flower Patterned Silk Tie
    Multicolor Flower Patterned Silk Tie67 $135 $
    Orange Floral Silk Tie
    Orange Floral Silk Tie67 $135 $
    Yellow Floral Cotton Scarf
    Yellow Floral Cotton Scarf87 $175 $
    Navy Dotted Wool/Silk Tie
    Navy Dotted Wool/Silk Tie135 $
    Navy Striped Wool/Silk Tie
    Navy Striped Wool/Silk Tie67 $135 $
    Blue Dotted Wool/Silk Tie
    Blue Dotted Wool/Silk Tie67 $135 $
    Graphic Wool Hankie
    Graphic Wool Hankie32 $65 $
    Floral Motif Hankie
    Floral Motif Hankie32 $65 $
    Floral Motif Hankie
    Floral Motif Hankie 32 $65 $
    Navy Circle Patterned Silk Tie
    Navy Circle Patterned Silk Tie67 $135 $
    Navy Micro Patterned Silk Tie
    Navy Micro Patterned Silk Tie67 $135 $
    Olive Floral Textured Silk Tie
    Olive Floral Textured Silk Tie67 $135 $
    Copper Micro Patterned Silk Tie
    Copper Micro Patterned Silk Tie67 $135 $
    Motif Patterned Scarf
    Motif Patterned Scarf87 $175 $
    Navy Medallion Silk Tie
    Navy Medallion Silk Tie67 $135 $
    Navy/Grey Medallion Silk Tie
    Navy/Grey Medallion Silk Tie67 $135 $
    Navy Medallion Silk Tie
    Navy Medallion Silk Tie67 $135 $
    Navy Floral Wool Tie
    Navy Floral Wool Tie67 $135 $
    Burgundy Floral Wool Tie
    Burgundy Floral Wool Tie67 $135 $
    Navy Graphic Patterned Silk Tie
    Navy Graphic Patterned Silk Tie135 $
    Beige Floral Textured Silk Tie
    Beige Floral Textured Silk Tie67 $135 $
    Grey Floral Textured Silk Tie
    Grey Floral Textured Silk Tie67 $135 $
    Brown Micro Patterned Silk Tie
    Brown Micro Patterned Silk Tie135 $
    Brown Textured Silk/Cotton Tie
    Brown Textured Silk/Cotton Tie67 $135 $
    Brown Hounds Tooth Silk Tie
    Brown Hounds Tooth Silk Tie 67 $135 $
    Blue Hounds Tooth Silk Tie
    Blue Hounds Tooth Silk Tie 67 $135 $
    Red/Navy Dotted Tie
    Red/Navy Dotted Tie67 $135 $
    Navy Silk Tie
    Navy Silk Tie135 $
    Red Silk Tie
    Red Silk Tie135 $
    Navy Wool Tie
    Navy Wool Tie67 $135 $
    Orange Wool Tie
    Orange Wool Tie67 $135 $
    Le Corbusier Pink Hankie
    Le Corbusier Pink Hankie 32 $65 $
    Light Grey Structured Silk Tie
    Light Grey Structured Silk Tie67 $135 $
    Light Blue Patterned Tie
    Light Blue Patterned Tie67 $135 $
    Blue Striped Tie
    Blue Striped Tie67 $135 $
    Blue Dotted Silk Tie
    Blue Dotted Silk Tie67 $135 $
    Black Silk Tie
    Black Silk Tie135 $
    White Silk Tie
    White Silk Tie135 $
    Knitted Tie In Navy
    Knitted Tie In Navy135 $
    Knitted Tie In Blue
    Knitted Tie In Blue67 $135 $
    Knitted Tie In Forest Green
    Knitted Tie In Forest Green135 $
    Knitted Tie In Red
    Knitted Tie In Red135 $
    Knitted Tie In dark grey
    Knitted Tie In dark grey135 $
    Red Cuff Links With Dots
    Red Cuff Links With Dots57 $115 $
    Green Cuff Links With Dots
    Green Cuff Links With Dots115 $
    Blue silk tie with dots
    Blue silk tie with dots135 $
    Brown dotted tie
    Brown dotted tie135 $
    Brown wool tie with dots
    Brown wool tie with dots135 $
    Red wool tie with dots
    Red wool tie with dots135 $
    Brown wool tie with dots
    Brown wool tie with dots135 $
    Three Crowns Cuff Links
    Three Crowns Cuff Links75 $
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