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Get inspired by Mathias Le Fèvre

Not a single day goes by without menswear guru Mathias Le Fèvre delivering style inspiration on his social channels. For several seasons we have collaborated with Mathias, including our latest Autumn capsule. Model, style creator, and with a great interest in all things fashion, Mathias delivers his own unique classic style with a twist. Drawn to clothing in his early years, it became a way for Mathias to express himself. Here he selects and styles some of his favorite knitted sweaters and shirts from our AW22 collection.


“ I’d say my style is classic with a twist. I mostly wear tailoring, but love experimenting and trying out new styles. ”


Mathias selected favorites

" The coral flannel shirt tinted night fever. A striking colour calls for a striking look. Pop the collar over your jacket for a 70’s flair. Here paired with a chocolate corduroy suit. " 

Mathias' best styling tips for this autumn/winter

  • Play with textures: A cooler climate allows us to use a whole range of thick fabrics. Try a soft corduroy or flannel and how about stylish tweed?
  • Layering, layering, layering. One of my favorite parts of autumn is getting the opportunity to layer up. I like to use a cardigan under a suit as well as a knitted sweater or flannel shirt for a more casual look on weekends.

  • When autumn knocks on the door, protect your neck with a stylish neckerchief or scarf. It will keep you warm and is also a nice way to add an extra bit of color and texture to your look.


Explore the Autumn / Winter Collection

Photography: Nick Tydeman - Contributor: Mathias Le Fèvre -  instagram.jpg MATHIASLEFEVRE

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