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Stylish Denim

The perfect casual shirt is the denim shirt. Easy to match to anything, and just by pairing it to a light-colored pant or a pair of jeans. But the denim shirt is not only useful on casual occasions, if you match it the right way it can look proper and dressed. Some of our denim shirts are detailed with trendy double breast pockets and comes in stripes, black, prints and structures. Wear your midnight indigo shirt with our new cord overshirt for a modern look, or the cord vest for colder days. Wear your denim shirt to the office and not just on weekends with the family. It is a modern way of dressing casual yet stylish at work.

The fabric denim

Why is denim called just “Denim”? Let me tell you! The fabric was first created in the small French town Nimes, and “de Nimes” means “from Nimes” in French. Just as simple as that!
The fabric was created by tailors weaving cotton together in a new unique way, where the weft passes under two or more warp threads, which gives you a reinforced fabric. The outer warped threads were dyed blue or indigo and the inner weft thread was left in the original white color. Therefore, the denims are blue on the outside and white internally. Denim’s iconic ageing process, where the hidden white begins to push through the original blue, is a direct result of this weaving method. Some even love denim more the more well-worn it is.


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