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Four Stenströms Mannequins

The perfect white shirt

The white crispy shirt has become a Stenströms hallmark. Our white shirts come in a variety of textures and fits with a timeless appeal. The white shirt takes you from work to after work, and onto dinner with friendsIt can never go wrong. The more you use it, the more comfortable it becomesinstilling a relaxed every day feel. We think you should have several different white shirts in your wardrobe – the more the merrier!

Here we have chosen to style 4 different white shirts in different ways. It doesn’t matter what style you have; a white shirt always has a place in your wardrobe. Our wide range of white shirts gives you the opportunity to find your new favorite model, for every style and occasion.

Stenströms hoodie and white shirt

Business casual

The casual shirt in our twofold twill is becoming more and more popular - and we understand why. Comfortable, stylish, relaxed and modern. The modern office guy wears a casual shirt under a sweatshirt, hoodie or knitted sweater. After office hours, you can go straight to the playground, coffee shop or for a walk, and you will feel just perfectly dressed.

White Casual shirts

White shirt with blue tie

The classic shirt

You are planning a meeting where everyone's eyes will be on you. To feel both comfortable and professional, what do you choose? The classic white cut away shirt in our nice twofold twill of course! Wear it with a blazer or a nice knitted cardigan. Wearing a tie with the cut away collar is the way to go. Here we have chosen a four in hand.

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Stenströms white shirt and cardigan

The detailed man

If you love your white crispy shirt, but want to add some interesting specifics, our shirts with contrasting details are the perfect choice for you. The stylish feeling together with the subtle details adds a sophisticated and modern look, whether you wear a suit, blazer and chinos or just jeans and a sweater.

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Stenströms white shirt with sweater over the shoulders

The daring man

With a history that stretches as far back as 1869, the shirt with the button down collar has an obvious place in the wardrobe. Why not go all in? Wear the white button-down shirt in pinpoint oxford with a patterned tie, jacket and hankie in a matching color.

Button down shirts

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Stenströms white shirts with ties

How our white shirts are made

What makes the Stenströms shirt significant is the attention to every detail in the process of making it. Each Stenströms shirt undergoes more than 60 separate production stages, 25 on the collar alone. To give it that special feel, which is so characteristic of their shirts, many elements is still carried out by hand. You will have to search long and hard to find a shirt with the attention to detail that equals Stenströms.

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