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With heart and soul

Valentine’s day is the day we celebrate love. Why not showing it by taking your loved one out on a proper date? Here's how to dress to impress.

What’s better than to surprise your significant other with a romantic dinner and do something out of the ordinary. Whether you find yourself in a long-term relationship or if you’re planning to go on your first date together, we have a few tricks that will help boost your confidence. A good impression is key to a successful date. Besides being a true gentleman, you should find the perfect outfit that combines your personal style with that little extra detail. This sounds good in theory but how does one decide what to wear?


For him

For men, it’s the pick between a suit or something more casual. In a more laidback restaurant or event, a clean white or micro patterned shirt with smart jeans and shoes can be the perfect look. If you’d rather go formal, wear a well-fitting suit and a white shirt, with or without a tie. Details can come in the form of a hankie and a great watch.


For her

For the women, the same principal applies. For a more casual setting wear a pair of pants with a blouse in a pattern or your favorite color. A blouse in silk gives that extra touch of elegance. For a finer dinner we would suggest that you wear a dress or that favorite skirt that goes with everything. It is all about the accessories as well, wear your signature necklace or your statement earrings to feel yourself.

Have a wonderful evening!

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