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Stenströms's sale consist of high-quality pieces from previous seasons. Dress shirts and silk blouses for a modern, yet classic business style. Casual leisure shirts, perfect for weekend hangouts. Warming luxurious knitted pieces such as cardigans and sweaters. We also offer a wide range of accessories such as ties, scarves and more.

Men's Sale Women's Sale

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    Red/Blue Paisley Shirt
    SlimlineRed/Blue Paisley Shirt149 €249 €
    Casual Shirt Printed Pattern
    Fitted BodyCasual Shirt Printed Pattern119 €199 €
    Blue Striped Shirt Contrast, Extra Long Sleeves
    SlimlineBlue Striped Shirt Contrast, Extra Long Sleeves107 €179 €
    Medallion Patterned Shirt, XL-sleeves
    SlimlineMedallion Patterned Shirt, XL-sleeves149 €249 €
    White Shirt Superior Twill, Extra Long Sleeves
    SlimlineWhite Shirt Superior Twill, Extra Long Sleeves113 €189 €
    Light Blue Micro Patterned Shirt
    Fitted BodyLight Blue Micro Patterned Shirt113 €189 €
    Blue Striped Shirt With Button Under Collar
    Fitted BodyBlue Striped Shirt With Button Under Collar89 €149 €
    Blue Checked Flannel Shirt
    Fitted BodyBlue Checked Flannel Shirt101 €169 €
    Blue Contrast Collar Shirt
    Fitted BodyBlue Contrast Collar Shirt107 €179 €
    White Shirt Kaleidoscope Contrast
    Fitted BodyWhite Shirt Kaleidoscope Contrast95 €159 €
    Blue Shirt With Contrast, Extra Long Sleeves
    New SlimlineBlue Shirt With Contrast, Extra Long Sleeves95 €159 €
    Navy Flower Patterned Shirt
    Fitted BodyNavy Flower Patterned Shirt119 €199 €
    Houndstooth Patterned Shirt
    New SlimlineHoundstooth Patterned Shirt95 €159 €
    Navy Shirt Woven Stripes
    New SlimlineNavy Shirt Woven Stripes113 €189 €
    Leaf Patterned Shirt
    New SlimlineLeaf Patterned Shirt119 €199 €
    Light Blue Micro Checked Shirt
    SlimlineLight Blue Micro Checked Shirt107 €179 €
    Anine Blouse White
     Anine Blouse White137 €229 €
    Shirt Woven Effect Grey
    SlimlineShirt Woven Effect Grey107 €179 €
    Textured Shirt Blue
    SlimlineTextured Shirt Blue107 €179 €
    Slub Yarn Poplin Shirt
    Fitted BodySlub Yarn Poplin Shirt95 €159 €
    Grey Mélange Shirt
    SlimlineGrey Mélange Shirt107 €179 €
    Shirt Textured Twill Light Blue
    SlimlineShirt Textured Twill Light Blue95 €159 €
    Casual Shirt Baby Cord Blue Patterned
    Fitted BodyCasual Shirt Baby Cord Blue Patterned107 €179 €
    Shirt Striped White & Beige
    Fitted BodyShirt Striped White & Beige107 €179 €
    Striped Shirt Brown
    Fitted BodyStriped Shirt Brown107 €179 €
    Flannel Wool Blazer Dark Brown
     Flannel Wool Blazer Dark Brown389 €649 €
    Striped Shirt Dark Purple
    SlimlineStriped Shirt Dark Purple107 €179 €
    Striped Shirt Orange
    Fitted BodyStriped Shirt Orange107 €179 €
    Merino Crew Sweater Elbow Patch Red
     Merino Crew Sweater Elbow Patch Red95 €159 €
    Merino Crew Sweater Elbow Patch Forest Green
     Merino Crew Sweater Elbow Patch Forest Green95 €159 €
    Merino Crew Sweater Elbow Patch Pale Green
     Merino Crew Sweater Elbow Patch Pale Green95 €159 €
    Merino Crew Sweater Elbow Patch Light Blue
     Merino Crew Sweater Elbow Patch Light Blue95 €159 €
    Merino Crew Sweater Elbow Patch Off-White
     Merino Crew Sweater Elbow Patch Off-White95 €159 €
    Saga Boyfriend Flannel Shirt Green
    OversizeSaga Boyfriend Flannel Shirt Green119 €199 €
    Saga Boyfriend Flannel Shirt Navy
    OversizeSaga Boyfriend Flannel Shirt Navy119 €199 €
    Shirt Paisley Pattern
    ClassicShirt Paisley Pattern119 €199 €
    Shirt Geometric Patterned
    SlimlineShirt Geometric Patterned167 €279 €
    Light Blue Medallion Patterned Shirt
    SlimlineLight Blue Medallion Patterned Shirt155 €259 €
    Blue/Burgundy Checked Shirt
    SlimlineBlue/Burgundy Checked Shirt107 €179 €
    Shirt Checked
    SlimlineShirt Checked95 €159 €
    Jersey Shirt Stretch Brown
    SlimlineJersey Shirt Stretch Brown119 €199 €
    Jersey Shirt Stretch Blue
    SlimlineJersey Shirt Stretch Blue119 €199 €
    Jersey Shirt Stretch Green
    SlimlineJersey Shirt Stretch Green119 €199 €
    Shirt Flannel Floral
    SlimlineShirt Flannel Floral167 €279 €
    Evening Shirt White
    FeminineEvening Shirt White149 €249 €
    Shirt Flannel Floral
    Fitted BodyShirt Flannel Floral167 €279 €
    Cashmere Cardigan Beige
     Cashmere Cardigan Beige215 €359 €
    Glen Check Shirt Red
    SuperslimGlen Check Shirt Red113 €189 €
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