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The one-piece collar

The one-piece collar is cut from a single piece of cloth that extends through the front torso and doubles as a placket. This allows the collar to stand on its own, because of the support of how the fabric is cut and sown.
The one-piece collar is harder to make than a regular collar, which requires a skilled pattern cutter to be able to get the right look and function of the collar. The cloth needs to be cut with precision and the right curvature so that it gets the right look.

The look of the collar makes it perfect for wearing a tie, and if you like the look of a collar roll, the one-piece collar is perfect for that. Of course, it’s not just a great look, it also is very comfortable and if you are wearing a blazer you don’t have to worry that it will collapse over the blazer, as some collars can do, this one will stay up.
If you are looking for a more casual look, you can wear it unbuttoned and let the collar stand on its own for a relaxed style. Either way you chose to style your shirt, it will look and feel very natural, because of how the shirt is cut, the shirt is very adaptable to you.

We like wearing our white one-piece collar shirt in bouclé outside of the collar of the checkered blazer, with a pair of shorts for a great holiday look. A modern look that has that edge.
The light blue seersucker shirt is perfect for a day at the office, matched together with a pair of denim, or beige chinos and a pair or brown loafers. Wearing a one-piece collar mustn’t be a formal or difficult style to pull off. Adapt it to your everyday look and life.


The short history of the one-piece collar

The collar became popular thanks to the style icon Gary Cooper, in the 40’s and 50’s. Some even called it the Cooper collar. He was a very stylish man that liked wearing suits and ties and mix different patterns.


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