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You can’t have too many classic knitted garments in your wardrobe. This selection comprises a wide selection of base sweaters and cardigans that a woman could ever need. From essentials like merino crew- and V-neck sweaters to chunky cardigans and capes with embossed golden buttons, and even a few other models that suits well for both work and off-duty occasions. Wear them with raw-cut jeans and sunnies to capture a classic outfit.

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    Signe Pink Merino Crew Neck
     Signe Pink Merino Crew Neck$235
    Darielle Black Knit Vest
     Darielle Black Knit Vest$325
    Darielle Navy Knit Vest
     Darielle Navy Knit Vest$325
    Dionetta Beige Long Cardigan
    OversizeDionetta Beige Long Cardigan$575
    Didi Black Merino Cape
     Didi Black Merino Cape$545
    Dormir Grey Knitted Cashmere Cardigan
     Dormir Grey Knitted Cashmere Cardigan$665
    Dormir Beige Knitted Cashmere Cardigan
     Dormir Beige Knitted Cashmere Cardigan$665
    Dilara Off-White Merino Bib Polo
     Dilara Off-White Merino Bib Polo$355
    Duvet Grey V-Neck Cashmere Sweater
     Duvet Grey V-Neck Cashmere Sweater$665
    Duvet Beige V-Neck Cashmere Sweater
     Duvet Beige V-Neck Cashmere Sweater$665
    Dionetta Beige Checked Long Cardigan
    OversizeDionetta Beige Checked Long Cardigan$595
    Astrid Dark Green Merino Cardigan
     Astrid Dark Green Merino Cardigan$575
    Signe Dark Green Merino Crew Neck
     Signe Dark Green Merino Crew Neck$235
    Sigrid Dark Green Merino Cardigan
     Sigrid Dark Green Merino Cardigan$265
    Doria Dark Green Cable Knit Merino Vest
     Doria Dark Green Cable Knit Merino Vest$325
    Mary Brown Merino Cape
     Mary Brown Merino Cape$465
    Bayla Black Merino Sweater
     Bayla Black Merino Sweater$285
    Silja Navy Merino Roll Neck
     Silja Navy Merino Roll Neck$285
    Stina Blue Merino Cardigan
     Stina Blue Merino Cardigan$395
    Silja Rust Merino Roll Neck
     Silja Rust Merino Roll Neck$285
    Damia Beige Cashmere/Silk Vest
     Damia Beige Cashmere/Silk Vest$325
    Doria Black Cable Knit Merino Vest
     Doria Black Cable Knit Merino Vest$325
    Bali Brown Merino Cap Sleeve
     Bali Brown Merino Cap Sleeve$195
    Dilara Black Merino Bib Polo
     Dilara Black Merino Bib Polo$355
    Delora Brown Knit Yak/Alpaca Cardigan
     Delora Brown Knit Yak/Alpaca Cardigan$625
    Donna Beige Structure Merino Sweater
     Donna Beige Structure Merino Sweater$445
    Dennie Black Merino Roll Neck
     Dennie Black Merino Roll Neck$445
    Delisa Beige Yak/Alpaca Sweater
     Delisa Beige Yak/Alpaca Sweater$495
    Delisa Dark Brown Yak/Alpaca Sweater
     Delisa Dark Brown Yak/Alpaca Sweater$495
    Dilara Grey Merino Bib Polo
     Dilara Grey Merino Bib Polo$355
    Dilara Off-White Merino Bib Polo
     Dilara Off-White Merino Bib Polo$355
    Dawn Dark Green Cashmere/Silk Mockneck
     Dawn Dark Green Cashmere/Silk Mockneck$395
    Bernelle Black Knitted Cashmere Shirt
     Bernelle Black Knitted Cashmere Shirt$455
    Damia Black Cashmere/Silk Vest
     Damia Black Cashmere/Silk Vest$325
    Damia Dark Green Cashmere/Silk Vest
     Damia Dark Green Cashmere/Silk Vest$325
    Sanne Dark Green Silk/Cashmere Boat Neck
     Sanne Dark Green Silk/Cashmere Boat Neck$395
    Dawn Black Cashmere/Silk Mockneck
     Dawn Black Cashmere/Silk Mockneck$395
    Dawn Pink Cashmere/Silk Mockneck
     Dawn Pink Cashmere/Silk Mockneck$395
    Brinte Brown Merino Polo Roll Neck
     Brinte Brown Merino Polo Roll Neck$645
    Courtney Navy Merino Cardigan
     Courtney Navy Merino Cardigan$375
    Daisie White Merino Sweater
     Daisie White Merino Sweater$375
    Damina Navy Merino Wool Roll neck
     Damina Navy Merino Wool Roll neck$345
    Damina Black Merino Roll neck
     Damina Black Merino Roll neck$345
    Mary Dark Grey Merino Cape
     Mary Dark Grey Merino Cape$465
    Mary Dark Green Merino Cape
     Mary Dark Green Merino Cape$465
    Mary Dark Brown Merino Cape
     Mary Dark Brown Merino Cape$465
    Susanna Grey Cashmere Roll Neck
     Susanna Grey Cashmere Roll Neck$475
    Susanna Brown Cashmere Roll Neck
     Susanna Brown Cashmere Roll Neck$475
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