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The hankie is a great accessory that will take your outfit to the next level. There are not that many rules on how you should fold your hankie, but do you want to be correct read about the dress codes. The simple straight folding would we say is best for more formal events such as weddings, and other types of folding are more suitable for work or dinner parties.
If you wear a tie, make sure to match the colors of the tie and hankie, but do not wear exactly the same print, it can look a bit over-styled.

The hankie has not always just been a great accessory, but it started out as a help for personal hygiene. The men had the hankie in their inner pocket of their jacket or in the pants pockets to wipe sweat from their forehead, blow their nose or wipe their mouth after dinner. The hankie was used by all men, in all classes. It was during 1920s that the trend with having a nice-looking hankie in the breast pocket started to arise. It was very trendy until the 1960s, and then it came into fashion again in the 1990s when popular actors started using them. Since then it has been an obvious choice for the fashion forward man to wear.

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