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Our story

During a time of prosperity toward the end of the 19th Century, Swedish tailor August Stenström became an entrepreneur at the forefront of new techniques and impressions. In 1883, he established his retail business in Helsingborg through personal shirt manufacturing and was soon to realize the great potential that industrial production held. This era marked the birth of Stenströms shirt factory.

Quality and fit have been the foundation of Stenströms since the very beginning. We have never taken shortcuts when choosing our materials and never wavered on our premium sewing techniques, meaning the best materials are found in every product.

Our philosophy is to constantly look into how we can improve our offer to meet the future with products that are fashionably relevant, but at the same time provide a timeless elegance and quality.

Today, across the world there is a desire for brands to make sustainable, quality clothing. This, an ideal highlighted throughout the fashion industry and one that Stenströms has maintained from the very start, 125 years ago.


August Stenström

In Helsingborg, tailor August Stenström was overloaded with orders. The rumor that he made the best and most fashionable shirts had spread and the elegant gentlemen of the time all wanted a Stenströms shirt. In the same year, the first Stenströms factory was built in the heart of Helsingborg.


The largest shirt factory in Scandinavia

The factory had grown into Scandinavia's largest shirt factory with 140 employees and new, larger premises were put into use. During the 20th Century, Helsingborg was a city of consuls, shipowners and sea captains. This meant that the city naturally had regular contact with the outside world, and the outside world was close to developments in Helsingborg. Stenströms shirts were exported from the very start. At that time, the shirt had starched, loose collars and cuffs.


August daughter Ingeborg takes over

August Stenström dies, aged 83. Daughter Ingeborg Stenström replaces him as manager of the shirt factory. The shirt is now open all the way to the front and has a fixed collar


The womens blouse Ulla is launched

With women's gradual entry into working life and the white-collar sector, the need to look professional increased. The women's blouse Ulla is launched to meet the demand for high-quality women's workwear.


New owners and a new board of directors

Ingeborg runs the company successfully until her death in 1956. Cousin Lars Béen takes over as main owner and CEO and Rolf Norström becomes a partner. Under their leadership, the shirts and materials are developed, and the nylon shirts have their heyday in Stenströms collections as well.


Stenströms becomes a royal court supplier to the Swedish King

Stenströms Skjortfabrik officially becomes the royal court supplier to King Gustav VI Adolf, and in 1973 the honorary appointment is renewed by King Carl XVI Gustav and eventually also by Queen Silvia. Sofiero Castle on the outskirts of Helsingborg was King Gustav VI Adolf's summer residence and the king, like other members of the royal house, were regular customers of Stenströms.


A new factory is inaugurated

The current shirt factory at Berga in Helsingborg is inaugurated. At most, 250 seamstresses work here. The 1960s were marked by a completely new type of fashion image, where the obligatory white shirt was increasingly replaced by a more informal light blue. The years that followed showed an increased interest in figure-hugging men's and women's shirts as well as shirts with patterns.


The Bengtsson family makes their entrance

The Börje Bengtsson family buys Stenströms and the son Anders Bengtsson takes over as CEO in 1986. The yuppie culture of the 1980s gave rise to colorful, preferably striped shirts (often with a white collar).


Shirt production starts in Estonia

Stenströms buys a factory in Estonia and large parts of the production move there. Staff are newly hired and trained in how to sew a Stenström shirt.


Stenströms celebrates 110 years with a new owner

Stenströms is acquired by Anders Bengtsson. The sellers are the siblings Magnus Bengtsson and Annelie Anderberg, who own the company in equal shares together with Anders. In the same year, in connection with the 110th anniversary, the contrast shirt is launched, which becomes a great sales success.


Stenströms launches E-commerce

E-commerce is undergoing a fresh start (after previous digitalization efforts with a first launch back in 1998). Shirt fashion has become increasingly informal and new materials are introduced for men's shirts.


International show rooms are inaugurated

Investment is made in the newly built Drottningen property, where a new international showroom and modern warehouse have been completed to meet the needs of the future. New materials such as jersey make their way into the men's shirt.


Stenströms celebrates 125 years

Preparations for our 125-year anniversary in 2024 are in the progress. New exiting design ideas will be presented with the same focus on quality in every detail, which have been maintained since the start of the brand.


Using only the best fabrics and trims, we craft classic and contemporary clothing that has become internationally renowned. The perfect fit and feel based on more than 120 years of sustainable  craftsmanship.

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