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Men Slimline


Our Slimline fit is tailored but not too tight. It has a slim cut and is designed for the man who wants a modern, neat fit. It has a slimmer cut than our models Fitted Body and Classic but is slightly bigger than our Superslim. The model has a plain back.

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    Casual Light Blue Houndstooth Shirt
    SlimlineCasual Light Blue Houndstooth Shirt$165$275
    Light Blue Paisley Contrast Shirt
    New SlimlineLight Blue Paisley Contrast Shirt$153$255
    Light Blue Textured Shirt
    SlimlineLight Blue Textured Shirt$171$285
    Light Blue Contrast Shirt
    New SlimlineLight Blue Contrast Shirt$165$275
    Navy Patterned Shirt, Twofold Stretch
    New SlimlineNavy Patterned Shirt, Twofold Stretch$177$295
    Casual Off-White Shirt
    New SlimlineCasual Off-White Shirt$159$265
    Light Blue Medallion Patterned Shirt
    New SlimlineLight Blue Medallion Patterned Shirt$177$295
    Casual White Shirt
    New SlimlineCasual White Shirt$255
    Green Gingham Checked Shirt
    New SlimlineGreen Gingham Checked Shirt$177$295
    Casual Blue Jersey Stretch Shirt
    SlimlineCasual Blue Jersey Stretch Shirt$177$295
    Blue Linen Shirt
    New SlimlineBlue Linen Shirt$245
    Casual Green Shirt
    New SlimlineCasual Green Shirt$159$265
    Casual Floral Shirt, Short Sleeves
    New SlimlineCasual Floral Shirt, Short Sleeves$204$340
    Light Blue Micro Patterned Shirt
    SlimlineLight Blue Micro Patterned Shirt$177$295
    Casual Light Beige Oxford Shirt
    SlimlineCasual Light Beige Oxford Shirt$141$235
    Light Blue Striped Contrast Shirt
    New SlimlineLight Blue Striped Contrast Shirt$165$275
    Casual Green Shirt
    New SlimlineCasual Green Shirt$153$255
    Casual Blue Patterned Shirt
    New SlimlineCasual Blue Patterned Shirt$177$295
    Casual Light Blue Oxford Shirt
    SlimlineCasual Light Blue Oxford Shirt$141$235
    Blue Striped Casual Shirt
    SlimlineBlue Striped Casual Shirt$177$295
    Purple Linen Shirt
    SlimlinePurple Linen Shirt$147$245
    Blue Checked Linen Shirt
    New SlimlineBlue Checked Linen Shirt$159$265
    Beige Linen Shirt, XL-sleeves
    New SlimlineBeige Linen Shirt, XL-sleeves$250
    Casual Shirt Striped Beige
    SlimlineCasual Shirt Striped Beige$153$255
    Casual Shirt Light Blue Floral
    SlimlineCasual Shirt Light Blue Floral$177$295
    Casual White Oxford Shirt
    SlimlineCasual White Oxford Shirt$141$235
    Casual White Shirt
    SlimlineCasual White Shirt$171$285
    Light Blue Shirt, French Cuffs
    SlimlineLight Blue Shirt, French Cuffs$156$260
    Casual Shirt Light Blue Floral
    SlimlineCasual Shirt Light Blue Floral$177$295
    Light Blue Twill Shirt
    New SlimlineLight Blue Twill Shirt$245
    Shirt Twofold Stretch Blue Patterned
    SlimlineShirt Twofold Stretch Blue Patterned$177$295
    Casual Oxford Shirt Light Pink
    SlimlineCasual Oxford Shirt Light Pink$141$235
    Casual Dark Green Jersey Shirt
    SlimlineCasual Dark Green Jersey Shirt$177$295
    Casual Light Pink Shirt
    New SlimlineCasual Light Pink Shirt$255
    Casual Navy Shirt
    SlimlineCasual Navy Shirt$177$295
    Checked Linen Shirt
    New SlimlineChecked Linen Shirt$265
    Burgundy Striped Shirt
    SlimlineBurgundy Striped Shirt$165$275
    Blue Checked Shirt
    SlimlineBlue Checked Shirt$171$285
    White Twill Shirt
    New SlimlineWhite Twill Shirt$245
    Blue Striped Shirt
    SlimlineBlue Striped Shirt$171$285
    White Linen Shirt
    New SlimlineWhite Linen Shirt$245
    Grey Linen Shirt
    New SlimlineGrey Linen Shirt$245
    Navy Stretch Shirt
    SlimlineNavy Stretch Shirt$177$295
    Casual Navy Shirt
    SlimlineCasual Navy Shirt$177$295
    Casual Green Oxford Shirt
    SlimlineCasual Green Oxford Shirt$141$235
    Casual Light Blue Houndstooth Shirt, XL-sleeves
    SlimlineCasual Light Blue Houndstooth Shirt, XL-sleeves$168$280
    Casual Beige Shirt
    SlimlineCasual Beige Shirt$177$295
    Striped Shirt Blue
    SlimlineStriped Shirt Blue$177$295
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