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Oxford shirt

Oxford shirts

The oxford shirt is a smart and casual shirt that is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. It’s a classic piece that can be worn all year around - it never goes out of style. Wear it a day at the office or when hanging out with your friends. It´s all about how you style it. Find your favourite below.

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About the oxford shirt

The first thing we have to straighten out: The oxford shirt does not origin from Oxford. However, it originates from Scotland and saw it's days during the 19th century. The Scottish fabric mill had different fabrics that they made, and named them after four famous institutions: Cambridge, Yale, Harvard and Oxford. The first to wear the oxford shirts were the polo players, and that is probably why the oxford shirt often can be associated with the preppy style.

The difference between an oxford shirt and a more formal shirt

When the oxford shirt first came about in the 19th century the formal shirts were very expensive. Then the oxford shirt became a cheaper and more versatile alternative for the rising middle-class, which is one of the reasons for the popularity and shine of the oxford shirt. At this time the shirt had a detachable collar and cuffs. Today the difference is the fabric. A formal shirt at Stenströms has a finer cotton, often a twofold cotton. While the oxford shirt is also in cotton, but it is thicker and the basket weave gives the shirt a more casual look.

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