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New Arrivals

Looking for something new and fresh to add to your wardrobe? Browse our latest arrivals to update your wardrobe. At Stenströms, we offer a range of sophisticated shirts and blouses, elegant dresses and skirts, cozy knitwear, and accessories. Whether you're looking for something to wear to work, a night out or a relaxing weekend, we've got you covered. Explore our latest arrivals below and elevate your wardrobe with style. 

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    Feline White Frill Blouse
    FeminineFeline White Frill Blouse$325
    Sofia Dark Green Dress
     Sofia Dark Green Dress$465
    Filippa Patterned Dress
     Filippa Patterned Dress$545
    Sofie Purple Patterned Shirt
    FeminineSofie Purple Patterned Shirt$355
    Aud Black Dress
     Aud Black Dress$395
    Charlie Beige Cargo Flannel Dress
     Charlie Beige Cargo Flannel Dress$465
    Frida Floral Print Dress
     Frida Floral Print Dress$465
    Purple Yak/Alpaca Hat
     Purple Yak/Alpaca Hat$245
    Signe Burgundy Merino Crew Neck
     Signe Burgundy Merino Crew Neck$255
    Black Wool Beret
     Black Wool Beret$145
    Fanny Pink Silk Frill Blouse
    FeminineFanny Pink Silk Frill Blouse$665
    Gwyneth Black Ribbed Merino Wool Dress
     Gwyneth Black Ribbed Merino Wool Dress$665
    Gabriella Black Merino Wool Jacket
     Gabriella Black Merino Wool Jacket$595
    Susan Red Silk Shirt
    FeminineSusan Red Silk Shirt$465
    Fernanda Black Frill Shirt
    FeminineFernanda Black Frill Shirt$325
    Susanna White Cashmere Roll Neck
     Susanna White Cashmere Roll Neck$665
    Darya Blue Striped Frill Blouse
    FeminineDarya Blue Striped Frill Blouse$325
    Sadie White Tuxedo Shirt, French Cuffs
    FeminineSadie White Tuxedo Shirt, French Cuffs$355
    Ammie Blue Merino Cardigan
     Ammie Blue Merino Cardigan$345
    Genesis Black Merino Wool Sweater
     Genesis Black Merino Wool Sweater$355
    Edda Patterned Shirt
    OversizeEdda Patterned Shirt$325
    Darya Black Frill blouse
    FeminineDarya Black Frill blouse$325
    Siri Grey Striped Shirt
    OversizeSiri Grey Striped Shirt$295
    Darya Grey Floral Blouse
    FeminineDarya Grey Floral Blouse$395
    Susan Purple Patterned Silk Shirt
    FeminineSusan Purple Patterned Silk Shirt$545
    Ammie Black Merino Cardigan
     Ammie Black Merino Cardigan$345
    Fernanda White Frill Shirt
    FeminineFernanda White Frill Shirt$325
    Sofie Green Patterned Shirt
    FeminineSofie Green Patterned Shirt$325
    Susan Purple Silk Shirt
    FeminineSusan Purple Silk Shirt$465
    Giana Brown Merino Wool Dress
     Giana Brown Merino Wool Dress$545
    Giana Beige Merino Wool Dress
     Giana Beige Merino Wool Dress$545
    Patterned Silk Scarf
     Patterned Silk Scarf$345
    Ammie Burgundy Merino Cardigan
     Ammie Burgundy Merino Cardigan$345
    Silja Burgundy Merino Wool Roll Neck
     Silja Burgundy Merino Wool Roll Neck$285
    Sofie Grey Floral Shirt
    FeminineSofie Grey Floral Shirt$325
    Sally Black Silk Blouse
    FeminineSally Black Silk Blouse$465
    Siri Green Patterned Shirt
    OversizeSiri Green Patterned Shirt$325
    Dilba Green Patterned Bow Blouse
    FeminineDilba Green Patterned Bow Blouse$355
    Delisa Beige Yak/Alpaca Sweater
     Delisa Beige Yak/Alpaca Sweater$495
    Sofie Paisley Patterned Corduroy Shirt
    FeminineSofie Paisley Patterned Corduroy Shirt$295
    Fideli Black Floral Shirt
    FeminineFideli Black Floral Shirt$325
    Selma Purple Silk Bow Blouse
    FeminineSelma Purple Silk Bow Blouse$665
    Charlie Navy Cargo Dress
     Charlie Navy Cargo Dress$445
    Dari Black/Brown Herringbone Wool Coat
     Dari Black/Brown Herringbone Wool Coat$795
    Sofie Denim Shirt
    FeminineSofie Denim Shirt$345
    Sofia Black Wrap Dress
     Sofia Black Wrap Dress$465
    Ammie Beige Merino Cardigan
     Ammie Beige Merino Cardigan$345
    Signe Brown Merino Crew Neck
     Signe Brown Merino Crew Neck$255
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