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Celebrating 125 years of sustainable craftsmanship

Style, quality and comfort in every detail. This is the philosophy that has made us one of Sweden's most esteemed brands. This year, we celebrate 125 years and we take pride in carrying founder August Stenström's craftsmanship and sense of quality into the 21st Century. Timeless design and fabrics from the world's finest weavers have been a recipe for success that still holds true today.

Our anniversary is not just a tribute to our past, it is also an invitation for you to explore our sustainable craftsmanship. Join us on a journey through history and discover the unique details of our shirts. At the same time, we look forward to sharing our insights into the future, where we together shape the narrative of what is to come.

Stenströms Shirt Factory was designed by Alfred Hellerström and inaugurated in 1912.
August Stenström at his desk at Springpostgränd in Helsingborg.

A history of uncompromising quality

Our story began in 1899 when the Swedish tailor August Stenström found himself overwhelmed with orders. His reputation as an outstanding shirtmaker had spread in town. All the elegantly dressed men in Helsingborg wanted one of his masterpieces and Stenström found it hard to keep up. To meet the needs of his sophisticated clients, he decided to build a shirt factory. Under Stenström´s strict supervision, a larger number of quality shirts could now be produced.

With time, his business flourished and word spread far and wide. More people discovered the shirts including many of the well-travelled sea captains that sailed through the harbor of Helsingborg. Returning to their home countries dressed in Stenström´s shirting, they unknowingly helped him become a global exporter. You could agree that these men were the first ever influencers.

Today, we are still internationally renowned for our pristine quality, using only the best fabrics and trims. We craft classic and contemporary clothing with the perfect fit and feel based on our 125 years of expertise.

Discover more about our history here.

Shirt manufacturing at the factory at Springpostgränd, 1940s.
Sea Captain Janne Lock (1848-1930) here seen dressed in a Stenströms shirt.
Ingeborg Stenström with colleagues at the factory at Springpostgränd, 1950s.

Did you know?

In 1941, we introduced our first women's blouse, Ulla. With women gradually making an entry into working life and the white-collar sector, the need to look professional increased. The women's blouse Ulla was launched to meet the demand for high-quality women's workwear.

What makes a Stenströms shirt unique?

Attention to detail is what determines the quality of a garment. Each Stenströms shirt consists of 23 carefully cut parts. When it is finished, 60 different work steps have been performed – of which alone the collar has been processed in 25 different steps – and five inspection stations have examined the work.

The shirt is sewn with seven short stitches per centimeter. The sleeve slits are sewn with a button and a special binding for extra strength and comfort. The sleeves are attached with single-needle knitting, which not only gives an elegant and discreet expression, but also contributes to the long durability of the shirt.

Particularly soft inserts in the collar, cuffs and front crease provide a good fit and feel. Most sewing steps are still done by hand by experienced employees. Production has been modernized, but some steps cannot be automated. For 125 years, we have been able to refine the technique and develop our shirts to perfection, thanks to skilled designers, cutters and of course, tailors.

The mother-of-pearl button – a unique detail

A Stenströms-shirt has (with a few exceptions) mother-of-pearl buttons. These buttons originate from Australia and the shell is a by-product from either pearl farming or the food industry. Mother-of-pearl buttons are unique in that each button is handcrafted from natural material. The first step in its making is to choose the right shell in relation to color, size and thickness of the finished button. Then the buttons are cut, sorted and quality checked by hand.

To make the holes in the buttons, there are two different techniques. Either by hand using a special tool, which is applicable for small quantities or samples. Or by machine, where up to 8 different tools are used at the same time. Thereafter, they are polished, colored and/or coated to a glossy or matte finish. As an extra safety measure, the buttons are sewn in two separate steps, with a wound neck.

Good choice of materials has permeated Stenströms since 1899 and the mother-of-pearl button is not only an elegant detail but also a conscious and sustainable choice. These buttons are biodegradable and recyclable, reflecting our longstanding commitment to both quality and sustainability.

Timeless design is our philosophy

At Stenströms, the concept of quality permeates our choice of fabric, materials, every stitch and every design detail. Primarily, it is about ensuring that the product we create is comfortable to wear and can be used for a long time, both during life's significant events and in everyday life.

The same principles also influence how the garments are developed. Our commitment to providing high-quality products extend throughout our value chain – from suppliers and collaborators to employees, retailers and customers.

We are proud of our European DNA, where we collaborate with the world's leading fabric and yarn suppliers, many of which are based in Italy. The shirts are then sewn in our own factory in Estonia or at our sister factories in Europe. We make knitted garments in merino wool, among other things, in Europe and we also make our fine silk and cashmere garments close to the raw material, in Asia. Our strategy has always been that we will not compromise on quality.

Our choice of style and timeless design are crucial elements of our brand and the premium feel we aim for in our garments. We adhere to traditional fits, catering to those with a keen sense of style. Our clothes are crafted for you, regardless of the day of the week or the occasion. Opting for a timeless design means our garments remain relevant for a long time, coupled with high quality, making them pieces you both want and can wear for an extended period. This approach reduces the need for frequent clothing purchases, thereby lessening the strain on the Earth's resources and minimizing environmental impact.

Stenströms to the future and beyond

We are based in Helsingborg with stores and sales offices in more than 20 countries. It's important for us to be available to customers through both physical stores and digitally. We believe in specialists where there is still time for contemplation and humanistic values. Our staff and our customers are immensely important to us.

We want to be involved in driving the development of future textile production through climate-smart choices of raw materials and production, but also through timeless design and fantastic product quality. With exciting design ideas and events, we look forward to an eventful 2024, where our constant pursuit of improvement takes center stage. We hope and believe that Stenströms garments will continue to be your favorites, worn over and over again. Here’s two the next 125 years!


Using only the best fabrics and trims, we craft classic and contemporary clothing that has become internationally renowned. The perfect fit and feel based on more than 125 years of sustainable  craftsmanship.

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