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The 1899 heritage shirt

1899 is a shirt line where we have put all our skills to test by pushing ourselves to find the world’s finest fabrics, fine details and combine it with innovative tailoring. Our ambition with this shirt line is to create a shirt of outstanding excellence. We believe we have succeeded.


1899 marks the year when August, confident by his success, turned his tailor shop into a modern shirt factory. The 1899 heritage shirt celebrates the timeless craftsmanship of tailor August Stenström, bringing you a superior shirt that shines in every detail. Each button is unique as they are handcrafted from natural shells. 

The buttons are cut and the holes are drilled, either by hand or by machine. 1899 comes in two shirt models: 1899 and 1899 Slim. 1899 has a tailored fit to suit all men, with two darts in the back. 1899 Slim has a slim fit, also with two darts in the back.

The components of The 1899 shirt

1. One body-size per collar-size.

2. Split yoke for better fit.

3. The fabric is made from American long staple Supima cotton, the cashmere of cottons.

4. Set-in sleeve, a technique often used in suits for the natural look it induces. The top of the sleeve is larger than the armhole opening, which makes it easier to fit the garment over the arm, and facilitates movement at the shoulder.

5. Mother of pearl buttons. Each button is unique as they are handcrafted from natural shells. The buttons are cut and the holes are drilled, either by hand or by machine.

6. Denser stitch length. We use 9 stitches per centimetre.

7. A mouche is used to strengthen the bottom and side seam.

8. 2 mm top stitching on collar, cuffs and front.

Swedish Confidence, exported Since 1899

For the 1899 collection, we have taken the quality philosophy one step further and added more steps in the making.  - If you are going to talk in car terms, this is the absolute top line in the premium segment. With the 1899 collection we want to show our craft, and at the same time tell our story through a shirt. Here, we have gathered all our knowledge and all the best materials, which gives a unique quality, down to the smallest detail, says Peter Jüriado, Head of design for men. 

The shirts have a classic Stenströms silhouette and expression, and according to Peter Jüriado, they are mainly business-oriented. - But it is important that the shirt also work together with a pair of jeans. It should have high wear resistance and withstand many washes, while being soft and comfortable to wear.


Using only the best fabrics and trims, we craft classic and contemporary clothing that has become internationally renowned. The perfect fit and feel based on more than 120 years of sustainable  craftsmanship.

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