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Stenströms Bottoms

Our range of women’s bottoms for all styles includes everything you need for home, the office, parties and city breaks. Choose from elegant women's trousers, casual trousers, beautiful skirts and stylish women's shorts in the finest materials such as linen, silk, cotton, cashmere, merino wool, viscose and Tencel. Our bottoms are designed with a focus on style and quality that lasts season after season, in a range of neutral colours and modern brights.

When is it ok to wear shorts?

Shorts are made for hot weather, and all of Stenströms' styles are designed to suit a variety of purposes. Our chic and cool linen shorts are a city favourite and make a great outfit when paired with a linen t-shirt, ideal for a lunch at an outdoor terrace. For the beach, we like to wear cotton terry shorts and match them with a top in the same shade and material. See all our tops here. 

Stenströms shorts

Shorts are one of our absolute favourite pieces to wear in summer. Stenströms women's shorts are always designed to look sleek and elegant. Shorts should be fitted and the right length, and always have pockets. As with all our other garments, we choose only the finest and best materials: silk, linen and cotton. These are all natural materials which are breathable and last season after season. This also makes it easy to find a top to match our skirts.

What fabric should I choose for my women’s trousers?

In warmer weather, when shorts or skirts are not appropriate, trousers in lightweight materials such as linen or silk are an absolute must. Linen trousers are naturally creased and give a slightly casual but elegant impression. Silk trousers, with their natural sheen and sumptuous drape, are the right choice if you want to be comfortable and stylish. Pair them with one of our bow blouses. 

How to style linen trousers

Linen can absorb a lot of moisture and is a naturally flowing material, making it suitable for wearing in hot and humid climates. The disadvantage is that linen wrinkles easily, but this is less noticeable on darker fabrics. Pair linen trousers with a linen t-shirt, a crisp white cotton shirt or a luxurious silk bow blouse

3 ways to combine a skirt with a shirt

Shirts and skirts can be a great combination, but how do you pull this look off? Work with different proportions on the top and bottom to balance the overall look. An oversize white shirt looks simple and stylish with a narrow skirt, such as a pencil skirt. A flared, pleated skirt looks great when balanced with one of our feminine or slimline shirts. Silk skirts are a bit more formal and should be combined with one of our silk blouses.

Can you wear shorts to work?

If you are looking to stay smart and the weather permits bare legs, our black women's linen shorts are a great option for the office. Dress up your linen shorts by wearing a black blazer, white shirt and a pair of heels. For a slightly more casual look, wear a black or white linen t-shirt and leather sandals.

How to style a jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are stylish, casual and elegant, and just like dresses they make an instant outfit. The Stenströms’ jumpsuit can be paired with white sneakers for a casual look for a day in the city, or with a pair of heels for a chic and stylish look for the office.

Which women’s trousers are suitable for parties?

Skirts and dresses are a go-to for special occasions, but our luxury silk trousers are a worthy alternative. With their beautiful drape and natural sheen, styled with a silk top, shirt or silk scarf, silk trousers can create a sophisticated and elegant look. 

Trousers for relaxing at home

After a long day at the office, you deserve to relax on the sofa at home. What could be better than dressing up in a cosy, soft, luxurious cashmere set? Our soft women's trousers have a relaxed fit, but without being baggy or sacrificing style. Choose a matching top from our knitwear range. 


Using only the best fabrics and trims, we craft classic and contemporary clothing that has become internationally renowned. The perfect fit and feel based on more than 125 years of sustainable  craftsmanship.

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