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Stenströms Accessories

Our range of accessories is elegant and modern and changes according to the season. Our silk scarves with their beautiful patterns, details and colours are designed to complement and enhance the overall look of your outfit. On colder days, our knitted scarves in the softest cashmere or wool will provide you with warmth and elegance paired with our hats in cashmere, cashmere/cotton or silk/cashmere, or blends of yak, alpaca, nylon and wool.

The magic of accessories

A simple t-shirt or a formal shirt and jacket can be given a quick and stylish twist with an accessory like a beautiful silk scarf. For a relaxed and neutral look, you can pick a colour from your outfit to match the scarf, or take it up a notch and mix a pattern in your outfit with a scarf in a contrasting pattern in the same shade. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find how you like to complete your look.

How to style a silk scarf

Silk scarves are a very useful accessory and there is no limit to how many you can have in your wardrobe. We like to think of them as faithful companions to the classic trench coat, loosely tied around the neck. A silk scarf also makes a very stylish addition to any shirt with the top button unbuttoned.

How to wash a silk scarf

All of our silk scarves are machine washable. Follow the washing instructions.

How to style your scarf

Our silk scarves can be styled in many different ways:

- In summer, why not tie your scarf around your sun hat for a unique, elegant look

- Or try a silk scarf instead of a knitted scarf around your neck tied with a simple, loose knot for a casual look that works well with a shirt, blazer, t-shirt, trench coat or jacket

- You can also use your scarf like a piece of neck jewellery for a more subtle look, folded and tied at the neck, with the ends tucked inside your top

Luxurious detail or bold statement?

Silk has always been considered a classy and high-quality material. This is no coincidence, as silk is a fantastic and versatile material that retains its beautiful lustre over time. A silk scarf is an easy way to add a chic pop of colour to an otherwise plain outfit, or choose one that coordinates with your outfit for a more formal look.


Using only the best fabrics and trims, we craft classic and contemporary clothing that has become internationally renowned. The perfect fit and feel based on more than 125 years of sustainable  craftsmanship.

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