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Stenströms Shirts & Blouses

Whether you're going to work, a dinner party or just relaxing at the weekend, women's shirts are a versatile wardrobe staple. Shirts and blouses can serve as basics and match all the other pieces in your wardrobe, or make a striking fashion statement in a bold colour or pattern. Stenströms is a shirtmaker who offers the very best in quality clothes and modern fits, and our shirts and blouses come in the highest quality materials and fabrics in a variety of different colours. 

Our four models

Slimline – Designed with a sleeker cut than our other models. 

Feminine – Slightly roomier fit than Slimline. Feminine looks great on most women. 

Oversize – A roomy, straight model that comes in different lengths.

See how to measure and find the right model for you. 

The timeless white shirt

A crisp white shirt has an elegant and classic look – a key piece in any wardrobe. It is easy to style for all occasions – work or casual, parties and holidays – and can be worn all year long. Stenströms has white shirts in an infinite number of designs and models, from slimline to oversize. Wear your shirt with trousers, a skirt or shorts.

How do you choose the right model of shirt or blouse? 

The model of shirt or blouse you choose depends on the style you are looking for and the occasion. Remember that a fitted shirt should not gape at the buttons, or feel too tight anywhere. You should be able to move freely and feel comfortable. The shoulder seam should lie at the point where your shoulder ends and your arm begins. If you are wearing a fitted skirt, you can balance the overall look with a loose-fitting top, such as an oversized shirt or an airy blouse. 

How to style a shirt for a party

Shirts and blouses are suitable for festive occasions and what looks best comes down to personal taste. For a masculine look, wear a shirt with suit trousers. To make this look more ladylike, you can add feminine touches such as high heels, a scarf or large earrings. A women's shirt is also beautiful paired with a skirt and a scarf tied at the neck. See our range of skirts, trousers and shorts.

How to style a bow blouse

Bow blouses have become more and more popular in recent years and are now regarded as a timeless piece suitable for any occasion. They can be tied in different ways, with a classic bow or by wrapping the ribbon around the neck and forming a simple knot. Find inspiration by looking at style icons like Sara Danius, Margaret Thatcher and the world's royals. 

Style a white shirt from day to night

The key to turning a casual work outfit into a more elegant or dressy one is to choose versatile pieces that can be worn in different settings. The white women's shirt is a good example of this. Wear it to work with a pair of dark suit trousers and loafers. When evening comes, just change into heels, add big accessories like earrings and bracelets and apply some lipstick and you're ready to party. 

Stenströms different materials

Stenströms’ women's shirts come in breathable materials and fabrics of the highest quality.  For our shirts and blouses, we use materials such as silk, cotton and viscose. The various fabrics such as oxford, jersey, denim, flannel, luxury poplin and stretch give the garments different characteristics and appearances. Read more about our materials and fabrics.

How to style a silk blouse

Silk blouses can be worn at any time and are just as suitable for everyday wear as for parties. Stenströms has silk blouses in a classic shirt style and in a bow blouse style. For fans of minimalism, a plain silk blouse with a slightly looser fit and simple, straightforward details is a firm favourite. Match your silk blouse with one of our silk scarves.

A summer favourite: the linen shirt

Stenströms has shirts and blouses in linen. A linen shirt is a classic, stylish and cool summer staple, perfect for warmer days. You can choose between classic colours and seasonal colours and patterns. A linen shirt tends to be wrinkled in texture and has a beautiful drape. 

When is it OK to wear a timeless denim shirt?

Denim shirts never go out of style – they are true classics. For decades, denim shirts have been a staple in women's wardrobes, as they suit a variety of styles and occasions. Denim shirts are just as good for the office as they are for everyday or weekend wear, with a skirt, suit trousers or jeans, and pair well with a knitted jumper.


Using only the best fabrics and trims, we craft classic and contemporary clothing that has become internationally renowned. The perfect fit and feel based on more than 125 years of sustainable  craftsmanship.

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