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Update your wardrobe with new and thrilling garments and updated classics. We offer you the classic white shirt together with a navy-blue merino wool sweater, the patterned shirt that makes a boring Monday at the office feel like a party, comfortable blazers and so much more.

To find your new favorites you ought to know your size. Our size guide helps you to find the perfect model for you.

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    Brown Slimline Shirt In Luxury Flannel
    Brown Slimline Shirt In Luxury Flannel$285
    Patterned Flannel Fitted Body Shirt
    Patterned Flannel Fitted Body Shirt$345
    Orange Fitted Body Shirt In Luxury Flannel
    Orange Fitted Body Shirt In Luxury Flannel$285
    Mélange Merino Cable Crew Neck
    Mélange Merino Cable Crew Neck$295
    Red Cashmere Crew Neck
    Red Cashmere Crew Neck$395
    Multicolor Striped Casual Fitted Body Shirt
    Multicolor Striped Casual Fitted Body Shirt$265
    Navy Ribbed Cashmere Hat
    Navy Ribbed Cashmere Hat$95
    Green/Blue Checked Fitted Body Shirt
    Green/Blue Checked Fitted Body Shirt$285
    Denim Slimline Shirt w.Button Down
    Denim Slimline Shirt w.Button Down$265
    Brown Fitted Body Shirt In Luxury Flannel
    Brown Fitted Body Shirt In Luxury Flannel$285
    Black Merino Roll Neck
    Black Merino Roll Neck$265
    Green Merino V-Neck
    Green Merino V-Neck$235
    Light Blue Medallion Fitted Body Shirt
    Light Blue Medallion Fitted Body Shirt$325
    Blue Casual Patterned Fitted Body Shirt
    Blue Casual Patterned Fitted Body Shirt$295
    Grey Herringbone Cashmere Crew Neck
    Grey Herringbone Cashmere Crew Neck$495
    Green Merino Crew Neck
    Green Merino Crew Neck$235
    Garment Dyed Merino Crew Neck
    Garment Dyed Merino Crew Neck$265
    Beige Camel Merino Cable Crew Neck
    Beige Camel Merino Cable Crew Neck$295
    Garment Dyed Merino Crew Neck
    Garment Dyed Merino Crew Neck$265
    Striped Fitted Body Shirt
    Striped Fitted Body Shirt$325
    Flannel Fitted Body Shirt, Black
    Flannel Fitted Body Shirt, Black$285
    Blue Casual Fitted Body Shirt
    Blue Casual Fitted Body Shirt$255
    Blue Striped Fitted Body Shirt w. Contrast
    Blue Striped Fitted Body Shirt w. Contrast$265
    Brown Merino Baseball Zip Cardigan
    Brown Merino Baseball Zip Cardigan$325
    Navy Patterned Fitted Body Shirt
    Navy Patterned Fitted Body Shirt$325
    Beige Fitted Body Shirt w. Contrast
    Beige Fitted Body Shirt w. Contrast$285
    Navy Merino Cable Crew Neck
    Navy Merino Cable Crew Neck$295
    Paisley Casual Slimline Shirt
    Paisley Casual Slimline Shirt$325
    Blue/Brown Paisley Slimline Shirt
    Blue/Brown Paisley Slimline Shirt$325
    Navy Classic Shirt w. Contrast
    Navy Classic Shirt w. Contrast$265
    Striped Denim Slimline Shirt
    Striped Denim Slimline Shirt$325
    Grey Flannel Slimline Shirt
    Grey Flannel Slimline Shirt$285
    White Slimline Shirt With Contrast
    White Slimline Shirt With Contrast$285
    Blue Casual Slimline Shirt
    Blue Casual Slimline Shirt$255
    Green Merino Crew W Patch
    Green Merino Crew W Patch$235
    Blue Merino Textured Zip Cardigan
    Blue Merino Textured Zip Cardigan$375
    Light Blue Checked Slimline Shirt
    Light Blue Checked Slimline Shirt$285
    Blue Casual Houndstooth Slimline Shirt
    Blue Casual Houndstooth Slimline Shirt$295
    Blue Kaleidoscope Fitted Body Shirt
    Blue Kaleidoscope Fitted Body Shirt$295
    Navy Pigment Dyed Polo Shirt
    Navy Pigment Dyed Polo Shirt$185
    Casual Medallion Fitted Body Shirt
    Casual Medallion Fitted Body Shirt$295
    Light Blue Checked Fitted Body Shirt
    Light Blue Checked Fitted Body Shirt$285
    Checked Flannel Fitted Body Shirt
    Checked Flannel Fitted Body Shirt$285
    Micro Patterned Fitted Body Shirt
    Micro Patterned Fitted Body Shirt$295
    Fitted Body Shirt In Textured Twill, Blue
    Fitted Body Shirt In Textured Twill, Blue$285
    Brown Merino V-Neck w. Patch
    Brown Merino V-Neck w. Patch$235
    Green Slimline Shirt In Luxury Flannel
    Green Slimline Shirt In Luxury Flannel$285
    Mud Brown Cashmere Crew Neck
    Mud Brown Cashmere Crew Neck$395
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    Men's autumn collection

    Sophisticated Italian fashion meets classic British for Autumn 2020.  

    Split into two distinct themes, our first trend is a more classic Autumnal look for the A/W collection, where we play with typical seasonal color-ways. 

    Highlighting classic colors including greens, burnt orange, browns and blues, we also feature our classic stripe in different formats as well as the beautifully comfortable checkered flannel shirt, together with a garment dyed knit and teamed with quilted vest.  

    Our second trend sees luxurious neutrals with soft tones being introduced, such as beige, white and grey, for a subtle harmony. Our styling option would include a striped shirt in beige and white, together with a soft beige merino wool sweater, combined with our white quilted flannel vest and luxurious cashmere herringbone scarf in off-white.  

    The casual feel runs as a consistent thread throughout this latest collection. The one-piece collar is shown in different shirts, such as flannel, that can be worn casually as well as dressed-up - matching with a fine blazer and matching pocket square.   

    An updated look for the modern businessman comes via our college sweater layered on top of a shirt, or the thin and comfortable roll-neck in warm colors with a well-fitted blazer. 

    As ever, the stripe is an important pattern within the collection, shown in many garments and in the textures as well, as in the Bouclé - the knits get a sportier look too with a contrast stripe in the V-neck. 

    Multi-striped shirting in different colors and thickness are styled with a college sweater in a matching color, or a great knit. Casual shirts also come detailed with micro patterns that look great under a sweater or cardigan, which look great with denim. 

    The inspiration for the flannel shirts has been to go back to basics. Checkered flannel shirts in classic colors such as brown, blue, green and red feature and for a more modern an updated look they are detailed with a one-piece collar. Our choice of styling sees the striped shirt teamed with a cashmere mélange sweater featuring rust red and a hint of beige and blue, together with a nylon vest in mini-houndstooth. Finished with key pocket square in vibrant medallion pattern. 

    Checks feature not only across flannel shirting but also with our blazer updated with a checkered pattern in blue, white and brown. The vest has also been updated with a new thinner nylon vest in a mini-Houndstooth pattern, available both in blue and green, and with a baseball jacket collar.  

    If you are going for the Italian elegant look with neutral colors, the white vest with diagonal quilt is the garment for you. Our choice of look is the checkered blazer together with a yak knit in a typical autumn color-way, styled with a denim shirt and a cashmere hat, for colder days.  

    Building your knitted wardrobe, Autumn 2020 should include garment dyed sweaters that pair neatly with our casual shirts for both office days, as well as for the weekend walk in the Autumnal sun. Cashmere in herringbone and merino wool in an advanced cable knit for the softer and monochrome look, also the roll neck in merino wool is a clear winner for a modern office look together with a blazer.  

    Another key look for the modern man is the college sweater, to be worn in a soft brown to with a crisp white shirt, denim and great leather shoes. 

    Our blazers come in jersey, flannel as usual but also in corduroy and in colors including vibrant orange and a soft beige. Why not match your orange corduroy blazer with a mini checkered pattern shirt with a 1970’s inspired tie in orange, brown and white in a graphic pattern with matching pocket square.  

    If you feel your style needs to be toned down, wear the dark navy-blue flannel blazer with a merino roll neck in nougat - both sophisticated and luxurious.

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