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The white shirt


Sporty meets stylish

The college sweater is here to stay! And we love it. Check out our selection here.


Thread of heaven

Striped merino wool sweaters, herringbone structured knits, airy linen polo shirts and much more for this season's knitted garments.


Performance wear and classic fashion

What to wear to look stylish? We like to combine the sportier look with classic garments.


La Bella Figura

The Amalfi style is all about stylishly put-together old-fashioned glamour with a cue from the hand painted tiles in Sicily. A gelato color palette will make you look like one of the locals. Our patterned linen shirts with inspiration from colorful tiles are the perfect effortless stylish shirt to wear. Match with your longer pants with a rolled-up hem and sunglasses. The outfit takes you from sightseeing to a sunset drink, and beyond. Choose a cool linen shirt while eating seafood with a view over the ocean.


The art of dressing stylishly yet comfortably

What constitutes a wardrobe favorite? We believe that favorites are born from the meeting between comfort and style. Although it is not as easy as one may think to dress stylishly but comfortably, yet it is something that is quite easy to learn and master.


Dix jours à Nice

The riviera style is all about a comfortable luxury, spanning the line between being elegant and playful. To be casual, yet well-dressed...(Read more)


Modern jungle

The spring collection has its point of departure in what we like to call a formal “modern jungle”. The colors are earthy and...(Read more)


With heart and soul

Valentine’s day is the day we celebrate love. Why not showing it by taking your loved one out on a proper date? Here's how to dress to impress.


Dare to challenge your style

Stripes, checks and houndstooth- the new shirts are here. Update your shirt wardrobe with a new shirt in a great pattern.


Garment dyed

Introducing this season’s new garment dyed knitwear with a unique dyeing technique that gives your style just the right casual vibe. Read more about the technique and how you can style your new garments.


The decade of casual

The new decades start off with a casual look à la knitted-hoodie in a cable pattern. Match it with one of the seasons great accent colors: pink (Read more)



Green – the color of life and nature


Vacation ready

For you lucky one that live in the warmer countries or have a wonderful vacation planned, here are the shirts that will make you stand out of the crowd (Read more)


Longing for warmer weather

Get a little bit of pre-spring in your wardrobe with our newest items.

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