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Terms & Conditions

Table of Content

1. General

2. Placing an order

3. Prices and fees

4. Delivery

5. Payment

6. Returns

7. Complaints and warranty

8. Disclaimers

9. Personal data and confidentiality

10. Miscellaneous


The following Terms & Conditions ("Agreement" as below) apply to all orders placed through our website. AB Stenströms Skjortfabrik (“Stenströms” as below), Corp. ID No. 556004-5378 is the seller. In this agreement the purchasing entity is referred to as the "Customer". These Terms & Conditions apply on orders placed by individuals 18 years of age or older and on sales comprising merchandise ("products" as below). Place your order easily at https://stenstroms.com ("Website" as below).


You can easily place your order at Stenstroms.com. We offer secure payment- and delivery alternatives. Stenströms will register your order when you click the "Pay Order" button during checkout. By clicking the "Pay Order" button, you accept responsibility for payment for your order.

When Stenströms has received your order an “Order confirmation” will be sent to the email address you used for placing your order. For an even quicker way to place an order, we offer you, the customer, the possibility to order as a guest, without the need to log in. When you click the "Pay Order" button, you have entered into an agreement with Stenströms.


Prices displayed on the website are in Norwegian kroner (NOK), including value added tax (VAT), custom duties and import taxes. You as a customer will not be charged any additional costs for the products upon delivery.

Find information about delivery- and return fees in the sections Delivery and Returns.

Special offers

Special offers, campaigns and promotions on the website are valid as long as the stock lasts and if no other conditions are stated in connection with the offer.


Stenströms dispatches orders on non-holiday weekdays. General delivery times and charges are stated below.

  • UPS Standard Delivery to Access Point – 3-5 business days (Free Shipping)
  • UPS Standard Home Delivery – 3-5 business days (30 NOK)
  • UPS Express Delivery to Access Point – 1-2 business days (150 NOK)
  • UPS Express Home Delivery – 1-2 business days (180 NOK)

Home delivery

Parcels are delivered to the door; three delivery attempts are included. If further delivery attempts are made, you may be debited. Therefore, always contact UPS if you are unable to receive delivery at the appointed time. If you are unable to receive a delivery, the parcel will be sent to the closest service point.

Fees for unclaimed packages.

For packages that are not claimed as agreed, customers will be debited a fee off (200 NOK).

Delivery delay

If there is a delay in delivery that is significant for you, as the customer, you are entitled to withdraw from the purchase without cost.


Stenströms uses Klarna Checkout (Klarna AB, organization number 556737-0431) for handling payments. Stenströms offers the following payment options through Klarna Checkout (the options that are available to you vary).

  • Klarna invoice (30 days)
  • Klarna account (pay in installments)
  • Klarna card payment (VISA, Mastercard & AMEX)
  • Card payment (VISA, Mastercard & AMEX)
  • PayPal


Right of withdrawal

You are entitled to return the product within 14 days of delivery. Products returned during these 14 days will be refunded, including standard delivery cost. If you choose any other than the default standard delivery method, the cost of delivery will not be refunded. When exercising the right to withdraw, the customer will assume the cost for return shipping (100 NOK with our pre-paid label).

To the extent that it is technically possible, the refund is made with the same payment method as the customer used. Costs for other services will not be reimbursed by Stenströms. For the return to be accepted the product must be in unchanged condition, including all tags being intact and not removed from the product.

Instructions for how to return products are included with every delivery.

Procedure for return

When returning products or materials to Stenströms the items must be adequately packaged such that they are protected during transport. Stenströms therefore recommends that you always package the product in the same manner and with the same/similar packaging as when the products were delivered to you. In the event that you wrapped or packaged products in a substandard manner and the product is damaged during shipping to Stenströms, you, as a customer, are responsible for the damage. Stenströms recommends that you use our pre-paid labels for your returns. If you choose to return the product in any other way than through our pre-paid return label you, the customer, is responsible for the products reaching Stenströms undamaged.

To print your pre-paid return label please log in here:


Your prepaid label will be emailed to you.


A customer who has purchased a product as an individual has the right to return the product if it is faulty. The warranty covers manufacturer’s defects and applies for three years after the product has come into your possession. The warranty also covers defects that have occurred during transport of the product to you. A product that differs from the product agreed upon between you, the customer, and Stenströms, or in another way exhibits deviances can also be regarded as defect. Defects that have occurred because of damage that you have inflicted do not constitute manufacturer’s defects.

If you issue a complaint regarding a faulty product more than six months after the product has come into your possession, it is also your responsibility to demonstrate that the product’s fault is a manufacturer’s defect. Stenströms therefore recommends that you thoroughly examine products upon delivery and notify us about any faults as soon as you find them. If you issue a complaint regarding a faulty product, you, as a customer, are primarily entitled to have the fault corrected and secondarily entitled to have your product replaced with a product that is free of defects. In some cases, you are also entitled to cancel the agreement and have your payment refunded. If your claim is approved, you will not be accountable for any costs arising because of the complaint. Please note that you, as a customer, should minimize, as far as possible, any costs that may arise when a product is found to be faulty.

For matters concerning claims of faulty goods, contact us at customerservice@stenstroms.com


Right of cancellation

Stenströms reserves the right to terminate this agreement if the customer has failed to act in good faith owing to errors or defects of which the customer is aware, or ought to have been aware, such as incorrect information concerning on the website price or quantity. In such event, the customer is not entitled to damages or other compensation from Stenströms.


Stenströms shall be deemed exempt from all obligations under this agreement if liability would otherwise have arisen due to events which are beyond the agreement, Stenströms business or as otherwise provided by mandatory law.

Force Majeure

In the event of government action or failure, new legislation, labour law conflict, war or risk of war, greater public order disruption, sabotage, extreme weather conditions, fire, explosion, natural disaster, accident or other circumstance beyond Stenströms control and which could not reasonably have been overcome or foresee, Stenströms shall be entitled to waive its obligations under this agreement. In such event, Stenströms shall not be liable for damages suffered by the customer.

Reservation for changes in tax and fees

Stenströms has the right to cancel the agreement in the event of significant tax or fee changes which are of major importance to the terms of this agreement. In such event, the customer is not entitled to damages or other compensation from Stenströms.

Reservation for delays in delivery due to circumstances beyond Stenströms control

If there is a delay in delivery due to events beyond Stenströms control, Stenströms shall not be held liable for damage resulting from such delay in delivery. In such event, the customer is not entitled to damages or other compensation from Stenströms unless otherwise agreed by Stenströms and the customer or if required under mandatory provisions of the law.


Personal information, such as name and email address, or other documentation which the customer submits to Stenströms will be collected and stored in digital format. Stenströms will collect and treat all personal data in accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act. Customer information will be used by Stenströms to enable and ensure fulfilment of the purchasing agreement and for marketing purposes by the company. The customer's personal data may even be used by companies in the same group as Stenströms to ensure fulfilment of the purchasing agreement and for marketing purposes by the company.

Personal data controller:

AB Stenströms Skjortfabrik (Corp. ID No. 556004-5378) Regementsvägen 1 25457 Helsingborg, Sweden

Customer information that is collected:

  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • History of purchases with Stenströms

The information may also be shared with third parties and used for the purposes mentioned below:

  • Authorized service partners who provide payment services to ensure fulfilment of the Agreement.
  • Authorized service partners who provide logistics services (carriers) to ensure fulfilment of the Agreement.


Cookies are small files that are saved to the visitor's computer when visiting a website. The site uses the following types of cookie files:

Session cookies: “Session cookies” are temporarily stored on the visitor's computer to make use of the website more convenient. When the visitor closes the web browser, saved session cookies are deleted.

Persistent cookies: "Persistent or permanent cookies" are saved on the visitor's computer and are persistent. Persistent cookies are used, among other things, to identify a returning visitor and sometimes as a basis for statistics and analytics.

Opt-in: On the website you always have the right to choose if cookies are to be saved on your computer as soon as you visit our website. If you choose not to accept this, no permanent cookies will be stored on your computer, but this may cause our website to not work optimally when you visit it.

Excerpt from the personal data register

If you, as a customer, have entered into an agreement as a private individual, you are entitled to request and obtain your records once a year without cost. An excerpt of your records shows the information about you that is stored with us. To obtain you records, please send a signed request to the postal address stated above. If the information we have about you is faulty, incomplete or misleading we will, of course, rectify it.

Deregistering customer data

You, as a customer, are entitled to have your customer data removed upon written and signed request, with the exception of data needed by Stenströms in order to maintain accepted accounting principles.


Discrepancies between different publication

In the event of differences between information on the website and in other publications, the information published on the website will prevail. However, this does not apply to data that is obviously incorrect or misleading when comparing the different publications.

Intellectual property, logotypes and trademarks

All material published on the site, including software, logotypes, audio files, trademarks, as well as text and images, is protected intellectual property. This means that the material may not be used without the permission of the copyright holder and the material may not be copied or otherwise transferred to third parties without the expressed permission of Stenströms. Any violations are reported.


Disputes between Stenströms and you, as a customer, are resolved by the court under compulsory legislation. Stenströms will comply with recommendations from the National Board for Consumer Disputes.


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