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Stenströms Evening

At Stenströms we never compromise on quality – whether it's fabrics, cuts or seams. We are master shirtmakers and have been since we made our first shirt in 1899.

Through years of experience and hard work, we have found the golden ratio between the quality of the shirt and the ability to customise the shirt according to your wishes. You receive premium quality and the benefits of customised craftsmanship as well as the opportunity to enjoy a great product wherever you are in the world. This is where you'll find luxury men's evening shirts. These are our very finest, most elegant and highest quality shirts for your golden moments.

Can I buy a bespoke shirt?

Our Made to Measure concept allows you to create your own Stenströms shirt according to your personal measurements and preferences. Visit one of our retailers and choose from a wide range of fabrics, colours, collars and cuffs. With our unique details, you can create a personalised dress shirt that is guaranteed to fit you perfectly.

What should you wear to a wedding?

A tuxedo is standard party wear for many celebrations. It should be worn with the finest of all dress shirts, the tuxedo shirt, which has a special collar, single or French cuffs with cufflinks and preferably pleats, as well as a concealed button on the chest. According to classic menswear etiquette, the bow tie should be black or dark blue, but nowadays other colours are often used. Add a cummerbund in the same colour for extra special occasions. Here are all our accessories.

Dress codes

You have received an invitation with a dress code. Dress codes are not always easy to understand, so you need to decode the dress code to arrive at the event wearing the right clothes. Respecting the dress code for a wedding, for example, is respecting the wishes of the hosts. Read more about dress codes and get our help to find the right clothes for the right occasion.

What type of shirt should I wear with a tux?

If you have received an invitation with the dress code black tie, a black tuxedo is not enough; you must also wear a tuxedo shirt. A tuxedo shirt often has a pleated front and French cuffs. In our collection of tuxedo shirts, you will find classic and timeless models for a touch of elegance that you can wear for years to come.

What does a tuxedo shirt look like?

Stenströms’ tuxedo shirts come in a variety of designs, from classic looks to more modern interpretations. They are always of the highest quality with tailored, meticulous details. A tuxedo shirt can be white or champagne coloured. It can have single or French cuffs that fasten with cufflinks. The chest is often pleated, and the tuxedo shirt often closes with black or white studs.

What fabric should I choose for my tuxedo shirt or white tie shirt?

All Stenströms’ shirts are of the highest quality and made from the finest cotton. They are breathable, comfortable and feel soft against the skin. Our tuxedo shirts and white tie shirts are made from different types of cotton fabric, such as our favourite twofold stretch, which gives great freedom of movement and a premium look, or our piqué, which is also a cotton fabric with a waffled texture and a nice drape.

Which accessories go with which type of shirt?

Black tie and white tie both require a bow tie, never a tie. According to the rules of etiquette, a white bow tie and a white pocket square must be worn with a white tie shirt. For a tuxedo, the colours of the bow tie and pocket square are somewhat freer, but the classic colours are dark blue or black. Tuxedo shirts can also be accessorised with luxurious details such as studs and cufflinks. 

What should I wear with a tuxedo?

A tuxedo shirt has a special collar, single or French cuffs with cufflinks and preferably pleats, as well as a concealed button on the chest. Stenströms has an extensive range of high-quality tuxedo shirts. Made from the finest cotton, with crisp cuts and tailored details, this shirt is the centrepiece of your outfit and a joy to wear. The rules of etiquette state that it should be worn with a black or dark blue bow tie, but nowadays other colours are often used. Add a cummerbund in a matching colour when you want to dress to impress.

What should I wear with white tie?

Wear a white or champagne coloured white tie shirt in one of our comfortable cotton fabrics such as piqué with your tailcoat. The shirt can be plain or pleated across the chest and the sleeves end with a single starched cuff. Accessories include a white bow tie and white pocket square, which should appear as a narrow strip in the breast pocket. Black socks and black patent leather shoes complete the outfit.

Can you wear a tie with a tuxedo?

According to the rules of etiquette, a bow tie must always be worn with black or white tie. Wear a white bow tie with white tie, and a black or dark blue tie with a tuxedo. It is, however, slightly more acceptable to wear different coloured bow ties with tuxedos. See Stenströms’ range of accessories. 

Can you wear an ordinary dress shirt with a tuxedo?

On the grandest and most special occasions, it's important to show respect for those who have invited you to the party and come dressed appropriately. While a dress shirt can be incredibly stylish, it never comes close to being as luxurious and elegant as a white tie shirt or tuxedo shirt. The difference lies in the exclusive materials, elaborate details and tailored cut.


Using only the best fabrics and trims, we craft classic and contemporary clothing that has become internationally renowned. The perfect fit and feel based on more than 125 years of sustainable  craftsmanship.

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