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Pants & Shorts

Stenströms Pants & Shorts

Here you'll find comfortable yet elegant men's trousers, men’s sweatpants and men’s shorts. Our casual trouser collection includes rugged cargo trousers, drawstring trousers and sweatpants which offer a great fit combined with an elegant touch.

It also includes swim shorts and stylish men's shorts in cotton terry, cotton jersey and seersucker for summer. Our casual men’s trousers and men’s shorts collection is perfect for working out, walking the dog, or relaxing on the sofa at home after a long day at work.

What should I wear with joggers?

Our stylish jogging bottoms are designed with elegant creases and a slim fit, offering all the comfort of sweatpants with the look of casual suit trousers. Wear them with a simple t-shirt to the gym or dress them up by wearing them with one of our plain casual shirts.

Where to find comfortable and stylish men’s trousers

Our version of men’s sweatpants is classier and more elegant than regular men's leisure trousers or jogging bottoms. Stenströms’ sweatpants have been designed with pressed creases down the front for a sophisticated yet relaxed look. The trousers feel comfortable and can be dressed up with one of our casual shirts [link to shirts], a polo shirt [link to polos and t-shirts] or a knitted jumper, or worn with a t-shirt for casual events.

What should I wear with shorts?

Our linen shirts or cotton terry polo shirts look great with our men’s shorts in cotton terry. The result is a summery, light and airy look perfect for a summer stroll along the beach or a drink at the bar. Combine the shorts with a shirt in the same colour for a coordinated look, or simply wear all dark or light colours. See our polo shirts.

How to hem men’s trousers without sewing

Are your trousers too long and you don't have a sewing machine? No problem! With the help of iron-on hem tape, hemming is no more difficult than ironing a cuff. Just fold the trousers to the desired length, place the tape in the hem on the inside of the trousers, and iron.

Choosing the right swim shorts

When it comes to swimwear, it’s best to stick to traditional, simple cuts. Classic colour combinations like blue and white make for a classy and elegant look on the beach. We recommend our seersucker swim shorts which dry quickly and retain their look and fit even when wet.

When can you wear sweatpants?

Comfortable but stylish, our sweatpants, jogging bottoms or joggers are suitable for more occasions than regular men's casual trousers as they blend the elegance of suit trousers with the ruggedness of cargo trousers. Wear them in style while walking the dog, exercising or watching TV. Add a matching top for a stylish outfit.

How should sweatpants fit?

Oversized or baggy sweatpants tend to look sloppy and scruffy. We have designed our joggers with a slimmer cut, to ensure a sleek and elegant silhouette. Choose a size that is reasonably loose and relaxed, but never tight.

Can you wear shorts to a party?

If it's a beach party, then our men's shorts in soft and cosy cotton terry are perfect. Pair with one of our cotton terry polo shirts in the same colour as the shorts. This makes for a stylish and casual summer outfit – just right for drinks at sunset. If you're going to a more elegant event, we recommend wearing a pair of men’s trousers – linen trousers are a great choice.

Should you wear socks with men’s shorts?

Choose the shoes you plan to wear with the shorts. Choose short socks that don't stick out too much with pale, solid-coloured trainers. If you prefer wearing a simple sandal or stylish leather mule, skip the socks altogether.


Using only the best fabrics and trims, we craft classic and contemporary clothing that has become internationally renowned. The perfect fit and feel based on more than 125 years of sustainable  craftsmanship.

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